Engine cranks, but won't start

I have a 28000-series OHV Briggs&Stratton engine whose piston connecting rod was recently replaced. After reassembling everything, the engine will turn but refuses to start.

I've rule out the following issues:

  1. The valve clearances have been set according to specs with feeler gauges
  2. Carb & carb solenoid is working correctly. Thought the old carb might be clogged, but I put in a new carb and there's no change
  3. Spark plug is sparking
  4. Thought the year-old gas in the tank might be the culprit so I put in new gas...nothing

I'm at a complete loss as to why the engine won't start. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? TIA

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@lukertin Does the engine have compression? Have you checked?


A 2-stroke engine uses the crankcase to provide vacuum and pressure to operate a diagram carburetor thru a small passage connecting crankcase to carb. Vacuum from the piston pulls field into the combustion chamber. A 4-stroke engine using a conventional carburetor relies on intake vacuum to pull fuel into the engine. 2-stroke engines can operate upside down or sideways. 4-stroke engines have to remain upright for carburetors to work as chamber fills with fuel and a needle/float operates to keep the fuel bowl full. You'll need more than casual knowledge of carburetor troubleshooting.


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