Driver side lower dash, the part that won't let go

2003 CARAVAN...Hi, i know where the under dash fuse box is located, I have removed the lower driver dash panel, there is a Black molded plastic shield that covers the face of the lower dash seen in exploded views. I have removed 4 bolts across the bottom & misc. screws across the top and it still won't fall off there, I need to remove it in order to access fuse box mounted on firewall...Youtube video's show that after that plate is removed , it exposes access to fuse box...ANY IDEA'S

Thank you

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I solved the mystery of the plate that won't let go

2003 Caravan is a engineering disaster so much that dodge changed the infrastructure of how things are put together inside and they discontinued that plate from hell and if anyone get's stuck trying to remove it, hit me up and i'l be glad to walk you through it because you will think , i can just break the dam thing off but you can't if your going to reassemble

and if you ever encounter this plate, prepare to do battle everyone have a great Fathers day....


Wish you had posted a pic of the part giving you trouble


Hi brandon, thx for attempting to step in it ,lol, after all the controversy on if there is or there is not a secondary FUSE BOX,in a 2003 Caravan and after i finally got that plate off i can say with out hesitation, beyond a doubt that there is NOT A SECONDARY FUSE BOX IN,ON, UNDER OR ON TOP OF A 2003 DODGE CARAVAN, i hope this settles it,


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