iPod Won't Turn On!

I need help! I have a first generation (yes, the one with the scroll wheel) iPod that just won't respond to anything. Originally, I suspected the connection between the battery and the logic board, but the multimeter showed that everything was fine there. I have tried plugging it into the firewire port and pressing the menu and play buttons to no avail. Do any of you have any suggestions on what I should do? I'm at a brick wall right now.

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You changed your battery? Does the iTunes recognize the iPod? You checked your dock connector? Have you looked at the logic board for any damage, dirt debris? Have you cleaned the dock connector and/or the logic board with some isopropyl alcohol?


I have a battery from 2005, so its not quite new.

iTunes doesn't recognize the iPod, and the screen remains blank.

The firewire port (before there was something called a dock connector) is relatively clean, but I have blasted it with compressed air already. I will check the logic board now and clean it with some alcohol. Maybe that will do the trick!


Trust me, I know its frustrating. I have 2 of those beasts and I think they are great. BTW, I am certain your battery needs to be replaced :-)


The isopropyl alcohol rub down didn't help. I just ordered a new battery - we'll see what happens then!


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