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This is the Moto G7 Play, which is one of the G7 series. The model numbers are XT1952-3 and XT1952-2, depending on carrier/region. Colors offered for this device are Deep Indigo and Starry Black.

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People can't hear me only from my house.

My phone worked fine until my Frontier internet was 'upgraded' to Fiber Optics.

The internet and wifi work fine in my house.

My cell phone does not work fine any more.

People cannot hear me when I call or they call when I am in the house. Frontier won't let me go back to my simply broadband internet which allowed my cell phone to work just fine once I had a 4g LTE Network Extender from Verizon.

When I use the extender with the fiber optics internet, people can't hear me. I can hear them

I have tried everything and then some.

My cell phone worked fine in my house until they changed my internet to Fiber Optics.

There must be a solution to this problem out there somewhere...?

I need to be able to use my phone in my own house.

Any ideas are super appreciated.


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Did you get a new modem with the upgraded internet connection?

If so what's the make and model number of the modem?

Have you contacted Frontier about the problem i.e. one way audio? You only said that they wouldn't let you go back to what you had. It may be a configuration issue at their end.


Hi. Thank you so much for answering.

I will send you that info when I get home tonight.

Yes ..a new router, modem, and longer box labeled ONT, with nothing but a reset button.

The new Verizon extender will connect and finds towers, but if I call someone they can't hear me. I can hear them.

Frontier came back to check the connections of the new internet. They were all fine and working as they should, but the Frontier people don't know anything about my Verizon 4g LTE network extender, and actually neither does anyone at Verizon. I explained the whole thing to the so called tech people at Verizon, and all they did was send me a new Network Extender

The Frontier guys phone wouldn't work at my house either with my extender plugged in.

Any help is really appreciated, and I will send you that other info tonight.

I can't be in my house with out a phone.

Thank you!



Hi Jayeff,

I'm finally home...Frontier will NOT do a 'downgrade'. I was just on the phone with

them at my work for way too long. Can't cancel and sign up as a new customer...they'd only sign someone up for fiber optics if available. So...that is the only thing that is any different in my house...the internet. Before that, my phone worked fine in my house with the Network Extender. Now if I make a call, or get a

call, the person can't hear me. My phone works fine everywhere else.

I got a new Router, Modem, and an ONT box...

The router is an Arris. NVG468MQ

The smaller, white modem ( I think it is the modem...) is: Make: GPON ONT

The Model of it is: FOG421

The other longer white rectangular box that says ONT on it, says: ADP 25DRA

Thanks for your help...



Also, I cannot do wifi calling from my house...same issue, I can hear them, but they cannot hear me. Even tho my wifi works just fine.

I think I have tried pretty much everything that would be possible to try with my phone. The audio works...the mic...I tested it with a video... people CAN hear me on just a regular phone call if I'm not at my house. So I don't think it has anything really to do with my phone...which is a Moto g7 Play, that I got 2 years ago.

Thanks again for any ideas.



@Lāna W

Still working on it .

Can you can access the internet OK using the Moto G7 phone?

just trying to eliminate if it is a specific voice problem or a data problem.

Can you verify the model number of the white box "ONT ADP 25DRA" as I can't find anything about it and what port is it connected to in either the GPON ONT FOG421 or the Arris NVG468M e.g. Ethernet port?

Also in case I missed it what's the model number of the "new" Verizon extender?


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Do you have wifi calling toggled on your phone?

Try to find the wifi calling option and if it is currently on, turn it off. If it is off, try it on.

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Thank you. I have tried wifi calling and same thing... I can hear them but they can't hear me. Wifi calling will work in other places...but not in my house. It all has something to do with my 'upgraded'

Internet... from DSL/broadband to Fiber Optics. The internet part works fine but it is screws up my Verizon 4g LTE Network Extender. The extender looks and acts as if it is working, and I can call people but they can't hear me. It's going on for way too long and no one knows how to fix it.




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