External Hard Disk(s) not mounting in OS X 10.7.1

My Mac was running OS X Snow Leopard when I got it. My External HD(s) were working fine, with Win7 and OS X both, no problem at all. Now, when Lion came out, I obviously went ahead and installed it. But, my external HD(s) don't seem to work. They won't even mount itself. However, my 16 gigs flash drive works fine with Lion and not my HD's (WTH). I have tried repairing it, verifying it from disk utility and all...still not working. I re-installed Lion, still no luck. But it still works on 10.6.8. They are in the same format and raid type too. The only difference between these two is the space. Thats it. So, What MIGHT be the problem here.? What's up with 'my flash drive working and not my HD's ?' How do I get my HD work on Lion (10.7.1)? Any advice/suggestion/solution will really be appreciated.

P.S I don't know the technicalities of tweaking your OS X (in case someone suggests on solving this issue with the OS )

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Which kind of data format you got on your external partitions is it Ext/NTFS/FAT ?


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First upgrade your Lion to the latest version as they did have a problem with FAT32 volumes.

I assume you want to swap your external drive between a MAC and Windows system. If thats correct you need to leave the format as is - FAT32.

There are a few different versions of FAT32 formatting which could also be problem here (Apple may have dropped support for a few of them in Lion) I've heard they were going to.

Sorry to say if your drive still won't mount with the updated Lion you'll need to reformat them with Apples Disk Utility so you have the FAT32 format Apple wants.

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I thought of a different way you could try accessing these removable HD's without reformatting them. Not as good as going native but still would work.

You could also install bootcamp or a Windows VM service like VMware's Fusion to install (gasp!) Windows on your Mac so you can access the files thru it to copy them to your Mac volume to then access via your Mac software on your Mac.


@dan you are right,

but is it just me or did apple change the way dmg's an disks mount in Lion, I don't get them on the desktop anymore, they only show as devices in the finder window, it is frustrating cause i liked the way they used to mount on the desktop...


Mario -

Not following you here? Are you downloading from the internet an application (dmg) from within a browser (Safari) or are you accessing the application via the new App Store application?

I still get my files placed in my Download folder when I download them from within a browser.

As the App Store knows what I have bought I don't really need to make a backup and besides it places the App within your Application folder after it processes them.


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Go to Disk Utility's>(your external HD)>Erase- go to erase and erase all data on that HD and make sure you format it to a Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) once that is done go to Partition- and where it says "Partition Layout" make it say 1, make sure it is the correct format (Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)) then click on Apply and your all set, its confusing at the start but itll be easy once you think about it.

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