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How would I upgrade this machine-It's been asleep for 17 years_

I stopped using my G4 ibook in 2008 because I guess the processor (Power) was not supporting new software-is it possible to upgrade it so I can use it again?

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This might be possible. you might as well first want to check if the batterie's working. If not replace it.

If this device is still working you can go to a technology store and have it upgraded.

Hope this helps!


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Unless you’re looking for a retro games Mac or want to keep it as a collectible, the PPC Macs are not really that usable today for mainstream tasks. I would only fix this if you’re looking for a Mac for retro games, or just want to save it as a collectible.

The primary issue beyond OS support is the battery - like everyone else, Apple was bit by the 2006-2008/09 Sony battery recalls :(. Sadly, Apple has since pulled the info on how to check (granted, Dell also made it harder to find despite also being hit hard. I guess Apple and Dell logic is the people who still run these only want them for retro games, so they know to tread with caution on original packs), so I would either see what you can find, or replace the battery out of caution unless you know it’s not affected. I was able to find it on, but consider this a very lucky find; not all of it was properly archived.

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Thank you! I never thought of using it for games for the grandkids!


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I like the idea of keeping it out of a landfill for awhile longer

This will still run as long as the hardware is good, however the latest operating system this guy can use is only OS X 10.5.8. If you maxed out the specs and got it updated all the way you’d still have trouble getting an internet browser to support it. Maybe TenFourFox will still work. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend paying someone to do it, but if its for fun and you don’t mind doing it as a project this can be salvaged.

Let me know if you do get him running I like pokey projects like this

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Thank you for your answer! It has actually only been only13 years but it was my first computer & it has sentimental value! Plus it was expensive! i guess what I was wondering is if the processor could be upgraded but I'll look into it further


Of course happy to help!

Sadly the processor can't be replaced. But it can run new programs made to support it (can be tricky to find).

Oh I looked into TenFourFox out of curiosity. They still update it and it works! So you could browse the internet if you used that instead of safari/chrome/firefox


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