iPod's headphone and hard drive's connectors to logic board broke

Hello! I need some help with next steps for my iPod Classic repair (This is my first foray into this kind of thing). I had opened up my iPod to replace the headphone jack/hold switch, and a couple things went wrong:

1. The headphone’s ribbon-cable connector to the logic board (1A, pictured below) snapped off its place on the logic board (1B). I was trying to open up that connector, to free the ribbon, but instead the whole piece came off. Where might I find a new connector (the tiny black clip) and how would I reconnect it and the ribbon to the logic board?

I’m guessing I need to solder; it’d be a new skill for me, but I’m willing to learn. If someone knows of clear instructions for a newb, let me know.

2. When I opened up the iPod Classic, I was too forceful, and the hard drive’s cable ribbon (2A) tore from its place in the logic board (2B). How would I open up its clip/connector to the logic board and re-connect the hard drive cable ribbon?

Block Image

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