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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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My PowerBook doesn't fully power on.

Hey guys, thanks for reading my question, this community is awesome and helped me out a lot, so i am gratefull that this platform exists! Now, i have a curse on my hands i think, i am the proud owner of my 4th powerbook g4 17 inch, a lil’ back story, i LOVE to tinker with laptops, especially apple ones, i fully restored a Pismo which involved heavy soldering, heck, i even changed the CFL backlight tube in the display because this gave the screen a red, when warmed up a pink, hue on the backlight that would not go away, i even replaced the cells in the main AND the pram battery, i know how to solder because my dad taught me when i was a kid and been practicing ever since. This powerbook pismo just came out perfect, it works perfectly fine! But who knows the movie Gone In 60 Seconds? Well, i have my own Eleanor, its not a car, its this 17 inch powerbook! Yesterday, i received a diamond in very rough shape, it was dented and scratched like crazy, the screen broke away from the chassis, but other than that, the hard drive, mobo and optical drive are working perfectly fine, since this is my 4th try in rejuvenating a 17 inch laptop to my collection, yeah, i gave this already 3 tries, but i blew 3 of em up because of oversights, now, yesterday, i had this model (1ghz one), i finished putting it together, and everything finally worked, it booted up, gave me the flashing folder with questionmark and everything, it was ready for an os install, so, i installed a known good battery from one of my dead examples in it, it worked fine for about 2 minutes, than it had horrible clicking sounds like something was shorting out or something, i checked everything inside the laptop, and i could not see anything obvious, so i plugged it back in and noticed that the coil next to the ram is the culprit, it whines and clicks, the laptop powers up, i can hear the hard drive spin up, but no dvd drive sounds, boing or screen activity. So i am left stunned in what the problem could be, i mean, the battery is actually a new old stock which can keep a 17 inch going for 4 and half houres! Anybody has experience in this problem??

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I would start with the basics and pull the battery back out and use a Power Adapter only. Reset the PMU on it and try and boot it up and see what you get.

If it’s not chiming that’s not a good sign. Pull the RAM and see if it beeps at you 3 times. If it does then at least the logic board is functioning enough to see RAM isn’t installed. From there I would test with only 1 RAM chip and see if you can get it to chime. May have to do a PRAM reset in order to get it to chime. If you can get it to chime then you are moving in the right direction. I would disconnect the internal hard drive and optical drive and just hold Option key while booting and see if you can get to the startup manger screen. If you can Option boot and it stays on the startup manager screen without shutting off or anything odd happening then shut it back down, connect your hard drive and try to turn it back on and see if it will boot to the hard drive.

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Thank you for your reply, but i gave up on this powerbook, when i found minor signs of water damage, i think this laptop's problems are deeper than i thought, they sold me a water damaged one so i trashed it, that board had some very weird issues anyway. I moved on to another example that has its own set of problems, but for that i will start a new thread because this problem is very interesting. Thank you for your time, you are awesome! I wish you a Happy New Year.


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