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iPhone 3GS battery doesn't charge after battery/dock replacement

Hey guys,

here the whole story, it will be a long one so i hope some readers will finish it. I stupidly let a few drops of water get on the home button of my iPhone 3GS. As my iPhone was close to a window i opened, water did condensate on the inside...

So, i turned it off as soon as i saw it, put it in rice for a few weeks, and tried to turn it on again. Didn't work out quite well, I spare you the details.

So, I ordered a new battery and a new dock connector and replaced the, likely, broken parts. Tadaa, iPhone did turn on again, I could do everything, calling music photos... Unfortunately, this did only last as long as the battery who came partly charged was full. It did not recharge.

After battery was at 0%, the iPhone did not start anymore. Plugging it into USB, no power, it doesn't start. If I plug it into a power socket, it does start autonomously and stays online as it is in the socket. As soon as i remove it, it dies immediately.

Interestingly, the battery always shows at 100% when plugged in, and the charging symbol is active.

Close inspection of the logic board revealed that the back of the logic board shows a small 'burn', on the right side of the big golden thingy in the middle of the board, the backside of the Infineon SMP3i and digital baseband processor if i understand correctly.

So, basically, I got no idea what to do anymore.

- Warranty is gone due to water (sensor changed color)

- battery and dock connector replacement did make the iPhone start, but battery still doesn't charge.

In my (unprofessional) view, there is a problem with the logic board, maybe a fuse, related to charging the battery. As logic board replacements are not worth the money, this would mean dead iPhone... My soldering skills are sufficient for elephant size circuit boards, but not for this kind of work needed. In addition, i do not know what exactly is broken.

So, for those who finished this wall of text, thank you first. If you got any ideas, I would appreciate to hear them.

Regards, WilksLambda

PS: I did reassemble the iPhone 6 times and checked every connection carefully, again no effect on problem

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I dropped my iPhone while the battery was dead and i realized that it wouldn't charge or turn on at all, so what i did is that i replaced my iPhone 3gs battery with my brothers old iPhone 3g battery, and after that the phone only turns on if it's plugged into a wall charger, and it will turn off as soon as i take the charger off the phone or the wall.

So basically the logic board does work, though i'm not sure if the battery does.

I wanted to share this story issue since it's somewhat similar to the issue you're having. Please let me know what you ended up doing if you don't mind, other advices are appreciated


a 3g battery will not work here.. you need a 3gs battery obai altae..your phone isn't running off the battery it is working on wall a/c.


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I would buy another would have no action on your phone if that chip were burned out. It could be charging circuit. But I would get another battery first..they sit about on factory shelves waiting to be bought so it may well be new battery is as old or duff as the one you put took out. If you have a friend willing to let you try I would think about swapping your board in to their phone..if it charges then you have a duff battery or dock... if it doesn't work then it's logic board... and as I can solder elephants, no no I can't, but I can do don't need a whole lot of technical skill and you can also pay someone to do the work?

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Hey pollytintop, thanks for the response first of all.

If i understand you correctly, you think that either the battery or the dock I bought new and inserted into the iPhone is actually not working, meaning I bought a new one which was broken? After inserting the new battery, the iPhone was working until the battery was discharged, doesn't that plead for no issues with the battery itself?

The idea with inserting the logic board into another iPhone is great, but i do not know anybody who would let me do that unfortunately.

For the soldering part, regardless of the elephant issue, I do not know what to solder since i don't know what is broken.

Any further ideas maybe?


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I imagine you fried the charging circuitry (which is indeed on the logicboard)...I'd say eBay is your best friend right now. Find a beat up iphone 3gs with a (potentially) good logicboard and yoink it.

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Thanks for your answer! The problem is that buying a logic board that works is close or equal to buying a new phone unfortunately, and all phones which are sold as damaged but have a functional logic board are quiet expensive as well. Anyone else an idea maybe?


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