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Liquid spill results in extremely dim screen, how to fix?

Someone spilled tea on it and saw the screen short out. After using Windex to clean up the logic board almost everything works, memory, power, etc. except that the screen is so dim I need to use a flashlight to see it. Output to external monitor is just fine. Can this dim screen output be fixed?

Repair shop tried soldering something on the logic board they thought would affect screen brightness but to no avail. They said that the controller for screen brightness was not working, not sending the correct voltage out to make the screen brighter.

I can press every key on the keyboard and they all work, but the screen brightness keys (although showing the brightness icon and filling more bars as I press longer) do not affect screen brightness in any way. It is still dim. So close and yet so far-- what can I do to fix this?

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I don't know why the repair shop jumped to a logic board issue. I would assume your backlight LED driver broke. It is extremely common problem in almost all laptops, and can easily be caused by liquid damage.

I believe (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) the LED driver board on this machine is part of the LCD, which will need to be replaced if the LED driver board is broken. We have the guide for the entire Display Assembly. Getting the LCD out of the Display Assembly is likely going to cause some irreversible cosmetic damage, I would recommend replacing the whole thing.

EDIT: This computer has an LED backlight, so no inverter.

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Hi Alex, Thanks for your quick answer! I found the display for ~$800 on eBay and the inverter cable for ~$70 and that is a huge price difference (and $800 is out bounds for me right now). Given that price difference how bad is the cosmetic damage for just replacing the cheaper cable?


The cable seems like a good thing to try. Be sure to buy it from someone with a lenient return policy though, incase it doesn't fix the problem. I haven't done this repair, and we don't have a guide for it so I don't know how risky it is.

But if you're confident in your spudger skills, and are willing to go into the unknown I say go for it. If you scratch something, at least the scratch will have a decent story :D.


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OK, Your edit said that there is no inverter, I will either replace the display or get an HDMI cable and hook it up to a monitor. Thanks!

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any updates? I have the exact problem right now.

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