Broken outer glass with responsive screen,won't connect to internet

So yesterday at work I had dropped my ZTE phone (Z981). The whole top glass had shattered to the point the glass stabs my fingers. Yet the screen is indeed responsive I can log into and used the touch screen perfectly. No blur vision or black spots anywhere on the screen. I can set alarms etc but as far as data wise now I can't connect to the internet I have 4g it says I have connection but won't actually let me connect. Due to me dropping it this can be a sign of a broken digitizer along with the glass but I'm uncertain with what to do if it is just the outer glass it self or infact do i need a new digitizer as well?

So my question is how will I know what broke on my phone and does the digitizer have anything to due with the storage in the phone. (Apps, music,photos just the memory it self) I wish not to lose anything on my phone.

Could the broken glass over the digitizer be doing this ? Even still with the screen working besides the cosmetic of the glass?

How much are repairs? Parts ? Why won't it let me do anything internet connection wise?

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