iPod Classic with SD Card is Crashing, Freezing, and More


I have an iPod Classic 6th Generation 80GB, which was upgraded to work with a micro SD card. I am using an iFlash Solo board with a 64GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD card (Recommended on iFlash.xyz). The iPod works fine for a while, but then it begins to act up.

I restored the device through iTunes and installed the latest OS software. It works fine until a couple of songs later, which is when it starts to act up. It begins to stop playing songs (but I can still hear the iconic click wheel sound), skip tracks, restart automatically, freeze on boot up, flash the apple logo, then repeat. I did a hard reset, restored it on DFU mode, and no luck.

After restoring the iPod for the 2nd time and still experiencing the same issues, I decided to install Rockbox into the device. I understand that Rockbox has an unstable version for iPod Classic 6th generations, but I don’t have any other choice? Well, it worked longer, but it then crashed multiple times and freeze on boot up. Once again, I reinstalled Rockbox and, sadly, it didn’t work.

At this point, I’m starting to believe that the problem is my SD card. I bought mine at BestBuy, and it works fine on my phone. On my phone, I am able to transfer songs and play them without any problems.

I have looked up for solutions online, but nothing seems to have a long term fix for my iPod. I already tried tt2 (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/502...), and it still didn’t work for me.

I have tried fixing my iPod on a Mac and Windows with a formatted SD card of FAT32 and Extended Journal. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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