Which screens are compatible with the AT&T variant?

The base phone I have is the AT&T SKU (G931A). I think the only difference between the 928 and 931 is storage.

This phone was in for a repair I knew wouldn’t work (but wanted to try) for someone, but it needs a screen as I already warned them in advance. The issue is I need to destroy the screen to change the charge board, so I'm looking into getting the screen or a donor.

What carriers can be used to get this screen from? I know the T-Mobile variant is probably a winning model, but I’m not sure about Sprint and Verizon phones. The other thing is when I find one, do I need the AT&T phone to get what I need or can I pick from multiple carriers?

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G931A ??? Are you sure this number is correct?


It's that or a G928. The back is cracked beyond any form of good legibility. The battery says G928A, along with the part I warned them wouldn't work.


Ok then G928A would be a S6 edge plus. Two things, the port itself is the part that fails the most on these charging boards and the port alone can be replaced without replacing the whole thing and worrying about the LCD. I have done it for all of them. It's tricky but can be done. Now if your have already done that and do need to change the whole thing, you can also do so without breaking the lcd but its hard and takes a long time. You can actually lift the lcd just slightly in the bottom and pull the flex out and install the new one the same way.


@casp3rtech They're 6930A phones best I know. I know one of the two they've went through is 32GB and the other being 64GB and they're both 928A phones.


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