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Shark Navigator Freestyle cordless stick vacuum offers portability and easy maneuverability. The vacuum can be identified by its model number SV1106 and sleek figure.

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Why won't it keep running .

The sweeper starts up then shut down in a few second. it is 3 years old could it be the battery. and is it worth replacing?

Update (05/14/2019)

It comes on strong but shuts right back off. some times after I get it started it will run good for a while. but after a full charge it will do the same thing just on and off. then if it don’t start up it’s dead again. If it is the battery do think the other parts is still good and will be alright for a while 1to 2 years. I don’t want to buy a battery. if i an going to junk any way thanks larry

Update (05/17/2019)

Battery fixed it. thank you I more question The rubber on the roller broke off.Can it be replaced?

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What "rubber" are you talking about? Please provide clarification and pictures, that would help


I had your same issues! I’m going to order the replacement battery. My rubber covering for a little wheel came off like a year ago but the machine still works..


Sadly Shark does not sell the rollers or the rear wheels. They may sell you a complete head unit at a discounted price, but it took me several communications with them before they offered that. And naturally the battery died shortly after I replaced that.

We decided to replace with a Bissell AirRam. A little more expensive, but soooo happy with it’s performance and features.


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Sounds like the battery is the issue. It would be worth it to at least try replacing the battery. Rechargeable batteries will lose their charging capability over time, especially if you don't let the battery run all the way down before recharging (the only exception is lead-acid batteries, which usually die completely if they get too undercharged).

Thanks for adding more information. If you feel it's time to upgrade, just get a Dyson. Those last a very long time and are very reliable. However, do NOT throw the old vacuum in the regular trash. Take it to a participating recycling center that accepts e-waste.

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Mine was doing the same thing. I purchased a battery on Amazon for 36.00 and that was the fix! Yay.


Ours ended up being the vacuum motor. It was drawing too much current and the control board would shut it down to protect itself. (The foam filter was missing, allowing dust and dirt into the motor, which eventually destroyed it.)


Well I am on the edge of both answers, battery?, motor, though I have the filter it has gotten very dusty. I'm torn though 35 is not a bank breaker,I'd hate to buy one and find that's not it, as I will not be buying another one of these. Mine is turning on and right off too.


I also have this problem. It is NOT the battery on mine. I tried the battery in another one and it worked fine. I tried another one in mine and her the same problem. Any other suggestions.


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