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Device repair information and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion g6 laptop.

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pc automatically turning off & will have to wait 5-10 mins for on

For about a month ,laptop is being automatically shutdown without notice and even does not turn on just after shut down..I've to wait 5-10 mins...No fan problem and no CPU overheating... I even went to nearby local service center(not official) and he told me i had problem in my graphic card which caused this issue....If you could tell me whats the real problem of shutdown...Im sure its not windows or software problem as i tried everything(updating driver,OS setting etc.). Its only Hardware issue.Can u tell me the issue?...Im hopeful of your help...Thank You..

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Does this happen when the charger is connected and switched on or only when this laptop is operating on the battery only?

Try running the laptop on the charger with the battery removed and see if it occurs

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Check in Event Viewer, to see if there are any Critical, Error or Warning events listed at the times that the laptop shuts down.

If you have Win 10 installed right click on the Windows start button, bottom left side of screen on the desktop and click on the Event Viewer link in the options box that appears.

If you have Win 7 go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

How often does it happen?

If it occurs regularly try starting the laptop in 'safe mode" (look online to see how to do this for your OS) and see if the problem still happens. If it doesn't then you have a driver problem. Which one it is has then to be found out ;-)


Thank you for your reply…

It happens in both cases(when charger is connected and also in battery)…

Win10 is installed and there is nothing in event viewer about the shutdown…

It happens everytime im using laptop….shutsdown at random time(more often after 40-45mins)…

all my drivers are updated …..what suggestions would you give???….


Hi ,

Does it happen when in safe mode, you didn't say?

Presumably then the laptop doesn't try to or can't automatically restart when it shuts down.

Just wondering if you disable the auto restart option if it is enabled and see if there is an error message appearing on the screen at shutdown.

(quickest example of how to do it, that I could find, it's a Win 10 feature not a manufacturer's setting)

You could also try using a fan to blow air on the laptop constantly or raise the laptop of the desk etc to allow air underneath etc to see if it shuts down or not.

Not as silly as it sounds. IF something is overheating in the laptop (a component perhaps due to a fault) the extra airflow around the laptop may be enough to allow the heat to get away faster and keep the laptop from shutting down. Worth a try if nothing else

If this works then it is the 1st step on the way to find out what it may be ;-)


Thank You for your suggestion..

In safe mode too it shuts down...and i have"auto restart option" disabled earlier..

even laptop is above the cooler.....


Hi ,

Get into the BIOS menu area on startup and just leave the laptop on there for a while and check if it shuts down.

There is no OS involved so it is purely the hardware.

If it still shuts down then you may have to start eliminating things in hardware, e.g. starting laptop as a barebones system i.e. motherboard, RAM keyboard and power, nothing else, no HDD, no ODD, no add on modules WiFi/BT etc and check what happens.


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There are 2 problems here. Could be the bios issue where the intel management engine get corrupted or as u said,the gpu is reporting fake overheat. Happend to me on acer aspire 5742G. After a agressive reflow,all worked fine. I recomend a new gpu chip by rebaling. An authorized service can do that for about 50/100$.

Done that,your laptop will became as new.

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bios is updated ....rather than buying new gpu chip, could there be any solution for it ??....theres no authorised service near ....


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