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MacBook won't get past initial post.

So my Macbook was running fine until I had the idea to replace the keyboard which was a job in it's self, now it won't boot but turn on kinda.

Since replacing the keyboard the system turns on with the power button; the front led indicator turns on and the dvd drive makes a sound to check and spoole up the dvd in the drive. I've tried taking out all the ram and the front led turns on while the tone beeps indicating no ram as it seems boot loops abd turn the led indicator on and off, so I don't think the logic board is dead as it can detect the ram and give me the error beep.

If I leave the device, it just sits there with the fans on low and the led indicator on while the dvd drive spooles up. Nothing actual happens, I don't even get the bong chime and I'm not able to select caps lock on the keyboard.

The device will show the battery indicator on the side to show me how much battery is left when the AC adapter is attached and the charger cable it's self will also go from green to orange to indicate charging.

I'm really stumped as I've tried everything from starting the pc and then unplugging the keyboard to removing the display connector to see if that was causing the issue, I even stripped the laptop down to re re apply thermal paste and screw down the heatsink a bit lighter this time around.

If you guys have any help or advice however small, it would be much appreciated.

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Did you test whether POST succeeds while keyboard is not connected? I suggest you try this. Disconnect keyboard. (Unplug it. For testing, its complete removal is not necessary.) Hot-wire (some call it "jump start") your MBP, by using a small slotted screwdriver or tweezers (or other fine conductor) to close its power switch circuit. Touch tool to pair of power switch test points (also called "power pads"). Pair of test points is conveniently located on logic board bottom side.

Consult photograph on Inside My Laptop.



So I tried Jump starting my mac using the 2 little jumper pins while the keyboard cable was detached and it did the same thing as before, The fans came on low as it made the dvd eject sound and it just sat at a black screen with no chime. Any Ideas?




My only idea was to rule-out keyboard. It seems, your MacBook is not being hindered by its keyboard, so I guess its logic board/motherboard is damaged. It might be possible that logic board is not damaged, but has a problem in its present situation, such as: partial or improper connections, or a loose/errant screw is accidentally sandwiched between board and case.

If it were mine, then I would try to hot-wire it once again, but out of its case (a bare-bones test). Yes, it is tedious and stressful. Good luck. I am not knowledgeable enough to be helpful.


Hi Guys,

I just want to thank everyone for the advice, I managed to sell the laptop for a lot more than what I paid for it when it was working so I haven’t lost anything out of this.





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So there is no display image correct? If thats the case try plugging in an external display to see if there is at least an image. If that works try using a flashlight shining into the Apple Logo on the lid you should see a faint image of your desktop & its icon’s.

Let us know what you discover

Update (10/06/2018)

Sadly, your logic board is gone. There really isn’t anything you can do to fix this other than replacing it.

Here’s the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 Logic Board Replacement If you can find the Mid 2012 board it would be smarter going with it.

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You're totally correct :)

So the screen on ths system is completely black I can't see anything at all when the power button is pressed, it looks as if it's turned off.

When I use my display port to HDMI cable to connect via my Samsung Tv it can see something is connected but says no signal. It seems like it tries to boot but doesn't even get to a post screen.


What happen with the flashlight test?


Hi Dan,

I tried the flashlight test but I could only see the Flashlight haze, There's no faint apple logo or anything to see for that matter. Even if I leave the system running the keyboard caps lock light doesn't even turn on.


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