Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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I dont know where this metal part belongs (repairing iPhone)


i recently cracked my Iphone 4G display, and i repair it in Indonesia by a cheap repair shop. As i return to Germany, i notice that it miss the grill metal and one screw at the bottom.

So i open it myself after i buy the opener tool and new grill, only to found more screws are missing, and i think some part like the pressure contact. Is it important?

After putting the new grill and i'm ready to close the phone (using whats left of the screws), i notice theres one metal part i dont know where it belongs.

Can you guys help me? Here is a pic.


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if the phone is functional I wouldn't panic... Took a really good look at the guide for the front display and can't see where it might be from, maybe someone who has done this repair will be more help..sorry


THanks for the answer! :)

My onliy problem now is only that Wifi and 3G signal are really weak... maybe because i dont screw all screws? :) - The repair service lost some of them..


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Answer to my problem:

metal part: like Daniel said, it was on the plate that covers all the top flex cable connections. (on Step 14 of ifixit you can see it slightly where it was, on the longer screw.)

WLAN: Well, just washed everything with windex..(no it isnt windex in germany, but some kind of all in one cleaner, BUT NOT cillit bang, it will DESTROY your iphone :) ) well not wash, but wipe it with some laptop wipe.

AND; the one screw under the camera, the 1.4mm one. Since the previous repair has me lost like 5 screws, previously i used this 1,4 to the battery screw.

Maybe the metal part that i forgot to put on plays a role too.

BTW, another Question: I'm buying the new screws now... anyone knows how to measure them right? I use like my old school ruler - i cant tell the difference between 1.4 and 1.6mm - How do i measure them?

THANKS to everyone btw! :)

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fets87, I can only answer the screwy part :-) you won't have a ruler that can measure 0.4 or 0.6 mm. best ruler will only have the mm markings. The way to measure the screws would be with a Vernier Caliper. The screws are to small for anything else. remember that 1mm is equal to 0.06299212598432001 inch and the difference of 0.2mm is equal to 0.007874015748040001 inch :-) Do not forget your local high school or college shop classes. They do like to show of their knowledge....good luck


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That metal part as I read from many comments actually plays an important role in signals transmission. In fact, someone even tested the transmission with and without it and found the signal transmission and the wifi to have a direct link. So, if u have problem weak wifi and 3G signal and that metal part is not in your phone, I would suggest you replace it and check.

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