Water damaged iPod touch, is it fixable?

Hi there,

A few months ago my ipod touch was in a bag with contact lens solution which leaked onto it until I found it in the morning. I immediately turned it off and put it in a bowl of rice for a week after reading some advice online (this may or may not have been a good idea).

After this, I turned the ipod on and it seemed to take a long time compared to usual. Once loaded, the screen displays the 'slide to unlock' image on the screen but doesn't respond to touch. The middle button causes the iPod to react and light up and a double press will bring up the music option (but you can't press anything).

I can press the hold and lock key together and take a screenshot and I can also access these screenshots using windows but no other files can be seen.

I was able to restore the iPod and iTunes recognises it when it is plugged in.

My question is fundamentally, is this going to be able to be fixed? If so, how would I go about it and how easy/difficult would this be as a complete novice to electronics? Could I get Apple or another company to repair this and if so, how much would it cost?

Thanks alot in advance for any replies, if there is any information I have missed out then I would be happy to give it in a reply.

Many thanks

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Yes it is fixable. Easy fix? Nope. Anyhow I suggest that you disassemble it following the guide on here. Remove the Battery and clean the logic board with a high grade isopropyl alcohol (I prefer something in the 90+%range). Check all your connectors and cable ends for corrosion and debris i.e.residue. You can use a toothbrush to clean your logic board and either let it air dry or use a hair dryer on the lowest coldest setting. My personal preference is to replace the battery after any water damage and since it is already apart, makes the job easier. After you cleaned all the parts and replaced the battery, reassemble the iPod and see if you continue to have any errors. Do not forget to restore the iPod once more, just in case. I may have forgotten a step or two bu essentially that is what I'd do. Hope this helps to make your decision. I am not sure what Apple would charge for the repair, sorry. Good Luck to you and let us know what happened.

iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery

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Thanks for the reply,

What do you think would be affected here? Is it part off the screen or something else?


I do have no evidence to support my following statement only my own personal experience with iPods and liquids. I found that the order in which components fail is 1. the battery 2. the display 3. the logic board. That is also the way I replace the parts. I never try to do everything at once but do one after the other. This way I am less likely to get lost in my own repair ;-) So, in your case and not having possession of the actual iPod, I go with battery and digitizer not working.

Digitizer is a little costly iPod touch (3rd Gen) Front Panel Assembly or http://www.etechparts.com/Gen-3-iPod-Tou... hope this clears it up a bit :-)


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i am trying to see about a damaged alcohol type of ipod here`s my story. my little sister was putting alcohol on her bumps to heal but the alchol went straight in my ipod . how do i fix it ?

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