Help! My PS4 shuts down when starting a game, with weird noise


I've bought a PS4 pro couple of months ago, it worked really fine, until I started hearing noise coming from back left of the console (like old fax machine sound), and whenever I start a game I feel like the console is exhusted and the sound gets louder, and at some point of loading the game PS4 would shut down, and won't work until I remove the elec. Plug and put back again, and then it goes to HDD check process, and would make the same sound again.

The funny thing is that some few times (1 out of 10) the sound disappears and the console work normally and smoothly.

Can anyone help please?

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is there any heating problem/warnign sign? It could be a fan that is not spinning properly.



Not really, it is hot, but normal hot, I removed the top cover and the fan is working fine, besides there is no overheating message.


and the noise it is still coming from where?


It is mostly coming from the power supply, because:

It is not coming from the fan

It is not coming from the HDD (i removed it, the noise still the same).


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