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Need second opinion! horizontal lines every couple inches


Hello, I have an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 series wide printer. I realize it is obsolete but it has been working just fine until... I am getting a horizontal line every 2-3 inches when I print. Ex. shipping label on reg. white paper, picture the bar code with a white line going through horizontally. Like I said it happens evenly every 2-3 inches.

I've done the regular maintenance i.e. nozzle check, head cleaning etc.. I have cleaned everything I can get at with alcohol swabs, removed ink cartridges and cleaned in there, I've run through cleaning sheets...I'm thinking something may be stuck on a roller or something that I can't see because it is so consistent.

I have a shop on Etsy and need to print a lot of shipping labels particularly. If this sounds like something you can advise me on I would appreciate. If you say to, this old granny is willing to follow the steps to disassemble my printer to get at the cause. I Just need to know where to look...Thank you so much

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Oh, yikes Geoff! Thanks for answering....paid such big bucks for this printer. It has served me well with all of it's different capabilities...will get the same brand. Thank you


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I hate to be negative on this one but i think it may be time to retire the old faithfull and get a new printer. You have tried all the standard diagnostics and i think it would indicate to being an issue with the paper sensor that knows how far paper has gone through and thus doesnt know when it is printing or not. Not something that can be replaced to my knowledge.

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Epson printers are known to clog due to how think the OEM ink is. Dye ink printers aren't as bad, but the pigment models are horrible in regards to this. Unless you run a page through the printer 1-2 times a week (more in humid climates), it's only a matter of time with Epson printers. The Stylus Photo 1400 uses Claria ink, which is dye based.

While Epson printers seem to be more prone to clogging then other brands, they are relatively easy to unclog when it happens. The built in utility usually makes the problem worse, so it's better to use a cleaning solution. While I have a formula for homebrew cleaner, I don't recommend that the average person goes that route since premade cleaner is so easy to find and homebew cleaner can damage the printer (I can get the formula if you want to try, though). In most cases, you can find it in a printer shop or on sites like eBay. Some shops may even offer the cleaning as a service. All you really need to know is that you need to follow the instructions provided with the kit if you buy the cleaner and fix it yourself.

If cleaning it does not help, then you may have air trapped in the printhead or the printhead has failed.

I also need to warn you about this now since you have a wetness sensor Epson :(. If the cartridges are at ~25%, the chips permanently lock into read only mode (if it's low, it's usually at this point). Removing the cartridge in this state damages the chip in such a way it's permanent and the cartridge needs to be replaced. While it's difficult (mostly due to Epson litigation), the chips can be replaced. However the carts need to be refilled to 100% or it will reset to the level of ink left in the cartridge and may lockout the ability to reset it if it's less then ~25% full.

I'm not exactly fond of Epson (as you can probably tell). Between the use of litigation to protect 1st party ink sales, wetness sensors and self bricking chips (with a reset lockout), (introduced with the 88/69/68) and the reduction in waste ink pad capacity, Epson is not a brand I would recommend to anyone at this point. I personally drew the line at the waste ink pads.

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