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iPhone 3GS won't stay powered on after replacing battery


I bought a battery replacement kit for my 3GS, which was spontaneously shutting down whenever it got around 20% charged.

The instructions were excellent; the tools provided were just what I needed for the jobs.

After putting in the new battery, however, the phone won't stay powered on by itself.

Upon finishing the maintenance and putting in the last screws, I press the power button and... nothing. As soon as I plug in the USB charger, however, the thing turns itself on and all the functions (camera, wifi, phone antenna, etc.) work just fine.

What's especially odd is that the phone reported itself as 67% charged, but will not stay powered on.

After leaving it plugged in for an hour, I can get it to stay running for a few minutes, but it inevitably just powers off. I haven't tried leaving it plugged in all night yet.

The really frustrating thing is, it now says it's 100% charged, so I have no way to drain it down to where the glowing red battery icon shows so I can get the OS to think it's doing a full change.

Any suggestions?

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I seem to be having this EXACT problem after just installing a new 3GS battery. I'm about to put my old battery back to see if it goes back to working like it was before the replacement. Frustrated.

Original battery that I replaced is part # 616-0431.

New battery from iFixIt is part # 616-0435.

My iPhone 3GS is not jailbroken and is running 4.2.1.

If I plug into a charge cable, the phone boots up. I can navigate the phone, but it will not find a carrier, it will not allow wi-fi use, and there are no sounds at all. As soon as I disconnect the power cable, the phone shuts off.

Please help iFixIt!





I just installed my old battery, which powered on just fine by itself, no cable needed. I'm going to let it run to see how long it lasts.

I'm running 4.2.1. as well.

Regarding the lack of carrier, wi-fi & sound, I'd double-check your connections. Mine have worked consistently throughout the entire ordeal.



I just reinstalled my old battery as well and everything is working again. Trust me, I checked all the connections over and over again. There was no connection issue, the new battery is causing other things not to function. For now I'm back where I started... an iPhone 3GS that holds a charge for a couple of hours at best. I hope iFixIt responds and can make this right.

On the up side, I now am an expert at disassembling and reassembling an iPhone. HA!



Bob, I'm glad that you're at least partly functional again!

I just sent sales an email and asked if they do returns/exchanges for seemingly defective batteries. Maybe we just stumbled on a bad batch?

I know exactly what you mean about being an expert at disassembly/reassembly! It's kind of fun, if the lack of power with the replacement battery weren't so discouraging.

Will keep the post updated on how things go with the exchange inquiry.


Mike, yeah please do let me know what happens. I'll do the same. I am going to contact them today. -Bob


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Hey guys, I would bet you just got a defective battery. I had a customer with similar issues, and he got his from here too. Maybe ifixit just had a bad batch, it happens all the time.

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@hectordtruong Certainly seems to be what happened. iFixIt did an admirable job addressing the replacement.


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Got my replacement, installed it in about 5 minutes and everything is working great. So it was a defective battery the first time. Everything seems great. Thanks iFixIt!

Good luck Mike!

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Just got mine too (I'm a total iPhone 3GS battery replacing pro by now) and it powered up using only the battery. Now it's time to drain the sucker and do a full charge!


Glad to hear your problem is fixed too.

So get this... the 3GS I was repairing is actually my wife's phone. I have the iPhone 4. Anyway, she's been telling me the battery has been draining way to fast and I saw it for myself a couple weekends ago. So I bought the replacement battery. Today, she said the drain is still way too fast. After searching some stuff on the web, it seems that the problem may actually be caused by having the "Find my iPhone" feature enabled. I just turned it off and we'll see how it does tomorrow. But, in the end, I may not have even needed a new battery. Ugh...



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