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Timer in ancient microwave (montgomery ward, built 1985!)

The ANALOG dial knob timer on my old very compact Montgomery Ward microwave is no longer shutting off.

I don't mind buying a new microwave, except that they ALL are designed as low and wide. I don't have enough counter space for any of them. Mine is tall and narrow.

I've not found any source for parts, so wonder if anyone has ideas on how to fix the timer...assuming I can remove other parts in the way.

Again, this is an analog timer, turn the knob to set the time, and it stops more-or-less where it should. Otherwise, the unit is fine.

Thanks for any advice.

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Thanks jayeff, I'm grateful for your reply.

Good thought! Just hack the micro and install a close approximation, I like that. The one you found is about the right physical size, close enough to consider. Without the backplate, it could be just right. But it's listed for 220 volts, does that matter? My microwave just plugs into ordinary house current, and it's low wattage, 440w. Is there any technical problem with that?

After posting my question, I started ruminating on adding an externally mounted timer of some kind, to avoid the hassle of tearing into my microwave, but hadn't gotten to the point of looking for suitable devices. Seems like the timer you suggested is intended to be hard-wired external to any device, which might work, but would be more complicated to set up. The page you sent does show other products, including plug in timers, so I might opt for that since my unit works fine otherwise. That would be the simplest solution, albeit less convenient for regular use.

Thanks again.


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Hi @is_it_free ,

I don't know your microwave but I think that installing this may be worth considering.

Just disconnect and remove the existing timer, install the new timer and transfer the connections to it. (it sounds simple so it probably won't be) ;-)

If it's too big in size (see specs at bottom of webpage) you may be able to adapt it to suit (seems as though the timer can be removed from the backplate which should reduce the size).

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @is_it_free ,

Your microwave's power rating of 440W means that it will only draw 3.6A at 120V or 1.8A at 220V so the switch covers it easily It is rated at 10A be it at 220V or 120V it is still a 10A. rating.

I too thought about a timer at the power outlet but couldn't find any that were quick and easy to vary the time requirement on, every time you wished to use it. Setting them up for the same amount of time every time was easy but to have to alter the timer perhaps every time you wished to use it seemed too much of a hassle. I did find some electronic plug in timers that weren't too bad in this respect but their cost seemed rather ott at $80+ in relation to the price of a new microwave oven and the cost of the switch I mentioned

Also as I didn't know where the power outlet was located for your microwave (it could've been behind it for example) it again might have been too impractical for every day use


Once again, thank you jayeff. I'll probably take this unit apart in the next day or two, thinking that your original suggestion will be the best option. I may need some help in knowing how to connect the wiring. That said, I'm allowing for possibility that there's something obvious and physical that's keeping the existing timer knob from turning, could just be accumulated dust causing friction.


Hi @is_it_free ,

Be careful when you have it open. Search online on how to discharge the capacitor in a microwave so that you don't accidentally give yourself a nasty "shock". Even if the power has been disconnected from the oven it can still "bite".

Good luck with the repair!


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