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Won't boot after replacing some parts


I'll try to be specific.

I cannot make my iPod boot after replacing few parts. As soon as it gets past 'Apple logo' screen it shows 'Sad Face' icon and powers off afterwards. When connected to power supply it acts as if the battery wasn't charged. It shows 'Please Wait. Very Low Battery.' screen and then after some time 'Sad Face' icon reappears and it shutdowns again. After that happens the whole sequence (Please wait... -> Sad Face -> Shutdown) repeats in a loop. This applies to connecting to PC USB port as well as power outlet (via adapter). iPod is invisible to PC, it doesn't appear on Logical Drive Manager list.

None of the combinations of elements listed below work. Hard drives are not initiated at all (they are not spinning). Both are tested to work on my PC (I have a ZIF to IDE converter) although the stock one has many bad sectors.

Now, the whole thing started after replacing battery. Unfortunately, I throwed away the original one before the replacement came so there was no way to verify. So I bought another one and guess what - I get the same results with it. Then I figured out to get a replacement motherboard and again this has not solved anything.

In fact, I get slightly different results for old and new board. The first paragraph applies mostly to the new one (820-1975-A) but to some extent is valid for the old one. One of the differences is that when using the old logic board boot sequence stucks on 'Apple logo' screen and the only way to turn the iPod off is ejecting the battery plug.

My parts:

Original logic board (820-1763-A) and replacement board from 5.5G iPod (820-1975-A)

Original click wheel

Original USB cable

Two replacement batteries (480 mAh, 580 mAh)

Two hard drives: Toshiba MK3008GAL (original 30 GB) and Samsung HS12YHA (120 GB, bought as a replacement)

Any troubeshooting information is much appreciated as I am completely lost.



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ptrkmj, looks like you most certainly removed most of the important pieces already. The last time I had issues somewhat similar to yours, I had trouble with the HDD cable and I ended up with the low battery issue as well. Also, can you get into anything on your iPod like the diagnostic menu and try to see what it gives you on the checks. Good Luck and let us know so we can continue to assist you.

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Thank you for your answer.

Yes I can! I've just realised that I'm able to get into Diagnostic Mode. But I feel pretty lost there. I've run Auto Test and got stuck on Acessorize Test - Please plug FW. I don't have a clue what's that about.


FW refers to Firewire you probably do not have a firewire connection handy. See if you can do the manual test and check to see your HDD test. Here is a link with the info on the diagnostic mode


I've just noticed that my hard drive IS actually spinning when it enters Diagnostic Mode. The only options present under IO\HardDrive are HDSpecs and HDSMARTData (no HDScan nor HDRW). So I'm not able to do the test. HDSMARTData returns nothing or a nonsense like "PowerOn Hours: -1845517406". HDSpecs shows random ASCII characters for Model Number. It shows the SAME wrong parameters for BOTH drives - 201,326,592 total LBA, 96 GB capacity. BTW Menu+Select button reset option is not functioning while in Diagnostic Mode.


I think I can give a try to a new flex cable. What is the difference between 'Toshiba' and 'Hitachi' option? Which one will better fit my Samsung drive?


Wow that got me stumped. I have not used a Samsung. I stick with the Toshiba's. Wonder if that is part of your issue. Anyhow give it a try with your original HDD and a new cable for it.


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