Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 doesn't accept replacement charging dock?


About a year ago I dripped a little water in my iPhone's headphone jack, causing it to always detect headphones (regardless of whether or not they're actually plugged in). I fitted a replacement charging dock which solved the issue perfectly, however, the microphone on that dock is a little (awful) quiet. A minor issue, yes, but infuriating when I get hung up on constantly because the other party can't hear me properly.

Otherwise, it works flawlessly, so I'm absolutely happy to say no subsequent damage caused by the very tiny drip of water.

I've tried endlessly to fit another dock to solve my microphone issue, but my phone just refuses to accept any other replacement parts (I'm sure it's not am "it's not original Apple part" issue, as the current isn't, and it works fine).

When I install another dock, the phone refuses to make, or receive, calls or texts. I tried calling 100 times consecutively and only once, did the call successfully go through. It can't be a signal or antenna issue, as it connects to mobile data fine(?)

Once I reinstall the original replacement part, the phone continues working perfectly.

I've tried to reset network settings, tried all of the methods online to resolve loss of signal issues and none of that helps. The only thing I'm reluctant to try is factory reset on the phone with the no calls/texts dock, as I'm a little concerned that it won't ever return to normal operation...

Anyone have any ideas? I'm tempted to buy a second-hand original Apple dock to try that.

I work as a technician on Phones/Tablets, Computers ETC every day and I'm entirely stumped. Every other repair shop in the town where I work had no idea either haha (killmepls).

Any help GREATLY appreciated :)

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Okay, so I received the Original Apple part (secondhand) this morning, installed and it all works fine.

A surprisingly simple resolution to my issue.

I can't say it's an issue with the quality of the replacement parts I've been using, as they work fine in others' phones, so I don't have a definite "Why this happened" answer.

I think, similar to some iPhones rejecting replacement screens, and the odd SE I've had that rejects replacement batteries, regardless of the quality, I think my phones just one of those weird ones, that will not accept replacement docks.

Hopefully it continues to work consistently, and doesn't suddenly decide it doesn't like this one, and hopefully even a result as simple as this will help someone else in the future.

To note, the Dock cost me £3.50... 50 pence less than we pay for the replacement parts :D

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How many replacement docks have you tried? Were they all from the same supplier?

I am equally stumped...

As a tech, you know that small parts can have serious quality issues. That's why my inclination is to say bad parts. But if you have tried lot's of docks, from different suppliers etc. or better yet, known-good docks that were tested on other phones, then I can't really explain what kind of logic board issue would cause your issue.

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Since Feb this year, I've probably swapped in 30 or 40 docks as and when we receive them as stock. From various suppliers (Even one Replace Base part).

I would have said bad parts too, but I've then gone to use those same docks in customers' phones, and not a single one has returned with any issue. Think I just have a pissy phone. Has tantrums the moment it doesn't get its own way. Just a little annoying that the dock that's in there now, is itself, a non-apple replacement part...

I think this is what's referred to as a doozy! I've ordered up some second hand, but original (from iPhone) Apple docks to test out. They're relatively cheap so I'll give them a go before calling it.

I'll update accordingly - Just in case anyone else stumbles across this issue, with theirs or a customers phone in the future, because it's not one I've seen anywhere (otherwise I wouldn't be here right now :D)


Dont just trust the one single dock. You may have one dead one in a pile of 20. I would suggest trying another one (if you havn't already) just to make sure its not a fault of that single piece.

How i read the above sounds like you were putting alot of faith in the one piece based on the rapport of others :P


As I said, I tried numerous parts as and when they've come, so far it only likes this ONE, but the microphones awful. I've ordered some second hand original parts to try out, just in case my phones a little picky :)

I'll update accordingly, and hopefully it'll work :D


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