Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Wifi not working and fana going very fast. I've tried almost eveything

Hello, I am dealing with very strange issues. My macbook started to behave in very strange way. It all began at the day I have took it from repair. There was flex cable changed and mainboard lighting chip replaced.

That day, last friday it started to have strange lags which were only on battery, not during charging. I deleted only a .plist file and it worked fine for few hours.

After few hours it started to drop wifi and fans were going so hard (over 6000 rpm)

Wifi works fine only after boot, for about 20 minutes and ther there is no connection. Wifi is on but system info is telling me that it is off. I don't really know what to do now. I am really confused because of that situation. Before it was everything working well.

Thank you in advance


Update (09/11/2017)

Wifi Problem

There is WiFi on but if I check system report it shows that WiFi is off. I can't guess what is happening here, and it makes me so nervous, just because I can't work online what is quite important to me.

There is also another problem

When I run geekbench it showed me that showed me

~1500 pts single core

~1504 pts multi core

The first one is normal, but second should be around 2100 as I got while I was running it before giving it to repair after short circuit

Update (09/11/2017)

Reinstalling system did not change anything. The problem returns

Reseting SMC and PRAM also doesn't work

I also written a message on facebook to the place where they repaired my mac

Update (09/14/2017)

Problem solved!!!

I mounted a disk caddy instead super drive and my macbook started to work as before. I have faulty hdd connector. I realised that voltage on battery is to low so at certain moment system was going crazy in order to avoid short curcuit. Now everything works fine!

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I brought it back to the service provider. I have to wait few days now. They accepted to check it because they did not detect that something is still working not properly


Problem solved. Faulty disk connector


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Take it back to the repair place. Issues like what you're describing are common when the technician forgets to apply new thermal paste, or applies new thermal paste very sloppily, during motherboard service -- which you have had. The fans are going full blast because you have overheating components on the motherboard.

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Okay. I looked at the paste yesterday and I saw that the processor is not covered with paste and most of it is around cpu and gpu. When I checked temperature it was showing

CPU diode - 81 deegrees Celsius

And 50 - cpu

I placed a paste on it and it was not running well. Today fans started to work very intensively while launching the computer. And wifi is still dropping after short time


Best to leave it as is and return it to the repairer as Steve has said. They have charged you for a service and it is not working; a reputable repairer will offer a warranty and it's not your problem to find a solution to this yourself.


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81 C is perfectly normal. What chip did they replace? The ISL or anything to do with charging can cause this. Could you call the repair place and get us the component number they replaced?

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There was screen backlight chip replaced.


Backlight driver? What was the history on this? Liquid damage?


there was a short circuit on the board. They said that they repaired it. It was going fine for 5 hours and then it began lagging. That was repaired after connecting to the charger. After that I removed .plist file Macbookpro7,1 according to the tips found on the internet. After reinstalling system on the same SSD disk it appeared again, but with symptoms like fan going full blast (6200 rpm, even 6300) and still drops the wifi. Flex cables are in good condition and airport is working but it becomes disabled


Sorry for mistake, yes, backlight chip.

False friend word from Polish ;)


It sounds like a sensor issues somewhere on the board. I'd bring it back and have them check it. See what they say as this issue can be caused by a ton of things.


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