The PSP 3000 was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008.

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PSP turns on with green light but screen doesn't light up

I didn't start my PSP up for a very long while (at least a year or two) and when I tried to power it on, the battery was (quite obviously) dead and I had to borrow it from my friend because my charger is missing, but when I tried to start it up, what I stated in the question title happened and the battery is most likely to be fine as my friend's PSP could start properly with this battery.

Thank you for answering.

Mise à jour (24/08/2017)

Case closed, the screen might be a cause, but I think the real culprit is most likely defects of motherboard. I probably didn't store the PSP properly and the the motherboard probably got a bit oxidized at somewhere that we don't want it to happen. Anyway I'm off for a second hand one and put my old friend on a display shelve.

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or maybe your battery is a fake one off ebay?


It could be that your psp is bricked. Try holding the home button and turn on your psp. I had this same problem with mine as well.


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This is a common issue with PSPs, their memory chips get corrupted if not used too long. There are thankfully quite a few solutions online. You can try them in any order, but if none work you may need to replace the board.

  • Try rebooting without the memory card in
  • Try removing battery for ten seconds. Then put it back in, plug in the charger, turn the unit on while holding the two shoulder buttons. If something comes up, choose the Recovery folder.
  • Plug it in. When powering it on hold the power button up until something happens.

Also, there could be a problem with the backlight of the display. Can you hear any sounds at all if you press buttons while the screen is black? Or if you shine a bright light on the blank screen, can you see the menu? Then you will have to replace the display.

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Thanks for the reply! I knew that this possibly happened on my PSP but I don't have concrete evidence about it. Anyway, I'll try again as soon as the new battery and charger arrives (bloody slow delivery D:).


Now that I have the new battery and charger I finally can figure out that the screen is the problem because of how I can actually hear something when I press buttons. I checked the ribbon cable and even reconnected all of them (that links to the screen and the lower homebar) but nothing new has happened so far.

I've also noticed that apart from the screen issue, the PSP makes a pop sound and switches off after it's on for a fairly short while. I don't know if this is related to the memory stick or not but I'm gonna state the issue anyway, but it was not detected by a working PSP of my friend and the PSP can't get to the home menu without having the stick inserted. Do you have any idea about why those things happen?


I edited my comment several times and it just magically disappeared, so I'll just type it again:

It's the screen that is causing all these troubles, but it still isn't working after I re-plug the ribbon cables in so I'll probably just get a new one, but before I do so I discovered a new problem: when I switch the PSP on for a fairly short while (like roughly a couple minutes), the PSP would make a pop sound and light up the wifi indicator light at the same time and switch itself off. Any ideas why this happens?


Oh, so it pops then turns off... does not sound good... might be some serious board issue here (like a short somewhere)... I would tear it apart completely, remove the board, clean it up a bit where it seems dusty with some rubbing alcohol and put everything back together. If nothing changes I would just replace the board entirely, not the screen at this point.


Thanks for the reply. Because of how the process of getting a motherboard of PSP at where I live is too complicated, I have decided to go for a second hand PSP and replace it's shell.


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Interesting, I have the same one, but after charging everything was OK

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