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iPhone won't turn on black for a full month

I bought an iPhone and I didn't have it for at least 3 months one day it just turned black and it was unresponsive I tried taking it to multiple repair stores they are all swying can't fix it sorry.Someone help me fast I don't wanna go to the Apple Store and wast $300 bucks for a repair.

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Does it turn on at all?


Nope it has not


I mean I only had I thought for 3 months and if you have any more tips please give more


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You need to determine if the phone is truly dead or just not displaying an image. The iPhone 6S is known to have backlight circuit issues. I don't understand what you mean when you say you didn't have it for 3 months. Also, what did the repair shops try. The more information you give us the better.

Here's what I would try for now:

  • Use a genuine Apple Lightning connector
  • Use a genuine Apple charging brick and let it charge overnight
  • Disconnect the Lightning connector and then re-connect it.
  • Does an iTunes enabled computer recognize your phone?
  • If it does then shine a bright flashlight on the screen. Do you see a dim image?

If you have access to a USB Ammeter, you could use that to determine if the phone is really drawing current when it's charging. You could have a dead battery. Apple has a recall program for the iPhone 6S experiencing unexpected shutdowns. I would check out the site to see if your phone is eligible for a free replacement.

If you see a dim image, then you probably have a defective backlight circuit on the logic board. If you don't see an image, then you most likely have a completely dead logic board (or battery, see above). Anything logic board related will require a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

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I have tried that


Anything else I believe it's the logic board


@leylatocool if you tried all of the above and if your ammeter shows it is drawing current, then the only thing left to do is to go to Apple and have them replace the battery under the recall program.


Ok but I only tired having it on charger but not apple charger a different brand and I also tried itunes


@leylatocool you stated above that you tried all that. I suggest that you follow the instructions given by @refectio and not just say you have. We cannot help you if you do not follow what is suggested. So you need to do as suggested to see if this is the problem. Otherwise take it to Apple.


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