Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Touch digitizer stopped responding.


Posting this after perusing forum here and elsewhere.

Just finished opening and re-seating the touch screen cable.

iPad 4 wifi 16gb, zero history of abuse.

Never dropped and could go back in the original box as still looking new.

Touch screen quit working.

Resetting it did not work.

Followed instructions and successfully removed the screen and LCD.

Carefully disconnected the screen and home button ribbon cables and re-seated

Same with LCD.

Reapplied all the 'black' tapes.

Was very very careful with the ribbon cables and fairly confident none were damaged.

After reassembling the touch screen is still not responding.

The home, power, volume buttons all seem to be functioning.

It boots up as a new device and starts the setup process but cannot proceed past the wifi because the 'next' button cannot be used.


Is it possible the touch digitizer can quit responding without any damage or shock to the screen?

Are there any procedures either DIY or by Apple to determine if the motherboard is faulty?

I read several posts from others in a similar dilemma, having already replaced the screen without any success.

The replacement screen is not expensive but I wanted to first try re-seating the ribbon cable and unfortunately that did not correct the problem.

I already bought the precut adhesives and tools from iFixit.

Slim odds of replacement screen solving this?

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Thank you for the replies.

The tip on making sure to tuck in the digitizer cable is very helpful and folks mention this out there on the web.

Unfortunately I may have missed out on the opportunity to try the "reseating the digitizer connection" by learning this detail after the fact.

The ribbon was crush folded with a clean crease which I unfolded and attempted reseat the screen with the ribbon tucked in properly.

Not sure if the ribbon cable can handle a fold.

As for the answer to my first question, yes, of course 'anything is possible'.

I thought an Apple Store could run a diagnostics to check the logic board and/or digitizer but nearest one is three hours away.

Still well within the DIY time/cost limit on this and will go ahead give it a shot with a new screen.

From iFixit.

Thanks again.

Thanks again.


If I may sneak in a somewhat related question about the wifi antenna.

Plenty of warnings about the wifi antenna ribbon cable during screen removal.

I believe I did not damage it and during test bootup the wifi setup page that comes up first lists our home network.

I am not certain if the functioning of the antenna goes beyond detecting and receiving a wifi signal.

Thanks again!


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This is a classic dilemma for any DIY Fixer. How much time, money and effort to put in just to diagnose the problem? When things aren't obvious, sometimes its just better to go to a reputable shop and let them diagnose the issue. They already have all the parts and tools.

To answer your questions...

  1. Is it possible the touch digitizer can quit responding without any damage or shock to the screen?
    • Anything is possible with electronics. Electronic components can spontaneously fail and a digitizer is still subjected to daily abuses, even if we are very careful with our devices.
  2. Are there any procedures either DIY or by Apple to determine if the motherboard is faulty?
    • Not really. In this case you have two variables (maybe more); the digitizer & the logic board. You have to eliminate one with a known-good part. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's known-good. If you buy it from iFixit, you have a high likely hood of receiving a great part. If you order it on eBay for bottom dollar, it will be hit and miss.
  3. Slim odds of replacement screen solving this?
    • I wouldn't say slim odds. It's most likely the solution.

I would also go back and double check the flexes for tiny tears, the connectors for bad solder joints and check for missing or partially dislodged passive components surrounding the connectors. Use magnification to be certain that nothing is amiss.

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A common cause of touch screen not working properly is caused by not tucking the digitizer ribbon cable properly when closing up the iPad, sometimes the ribbon cable gets crushed between the glass and the housing of the iPad breaking the digitizer ribbon cable.


@benjamen50 good point! I didn't mention it in this case because the OP's device stopped working naturally without any drops or prior repairs.


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