My screen looks like this, ¿what happen and how I can fix it?

My sony alpha a77 screen looks like this.

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I take it to repair with a tech in my home town, he said that the principal circuit was damaged and he can't repair or replace it. What I need to do to bring my camera back to work?

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Answer this question I have this problem too

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@jlcastemtz does it still take pictures properly? Is the issue only with your display?


No, it doesn't take pictures. It marks an error when I want to take a picture. This issue appears not only on the big display, it appears on the eye display of the camera.


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@jlcastemtz I am not certain how the determination was made that this is an issue with the "principal circuit" (not sure what is meant by that). I would start with a new LCD and check the flex cables to ensure that they are properly seated. Start with the easy stuff first.

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I recognize that the on screen menu is still displaying, but the possibility of a bad LCD is still there.

UPDATE 07/24/17

Before anything else, you do want to try a different memory card. You also want to repalce your main battery. It is possible that it can't deliver max power demanded and the voltage will drop too low, causing a mis-operation. It may recover to quickly for the camera to register it as a power error. If that does not do anything,there is a small battery (BH3101) on the mainboard.

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Replace that and see if that will help. Check for corrosion around the battery case on that board.If nothing happened to the camera, there must be a relative simple explanation, but since the viewfinder and the LCD display the same thing there is always the chance it is the image sensor or a failed shutter. Remember to start with the easy things. New battery, new memory card and then a hard reset

Reset your camera to the default settings:

1.Select Menu -> Setup -> Initialize on the camera.

2.Select Reset Default.

3.Select OK.

4.Wait more than 10 seconds. (Do not care if the LCD screen of the camera turns off, or not)

5.Remove the power source ( battery or AC adapter ) from the camera.

6.Attach the power source ( battery or AC adapter ) back to the camera. Let me know if the schematic etc. would help you with the repair.

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The thing is that when you put your eye near to the camera to see the little inside screen it happens too. Is not only on the big display and when I take a picture it crash and appeara and error.


I see. Good that you let us know all those details, they are important. Can you tell us what error your camera is showing when you take a picture? did anything happen to the camera before this showed up? did it get dropped or water damage?


It doesn´t say what error is, it just shows a little msg on the info display saying "Err". The image display or the bigger display goes black and nothing works after that. It takes a few secs after I take the shot to drop me that error. Anything happen to the camera before this, I left it on the case for a few months because I was busy with other stuff then I wanted to use it and the error appear


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