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Why won't this Satellite stay synched to it's internet clock?

I have to re-set the internet time synchronization on this Satellite over and over and the clock on the desktop will then stay on the latest synchronization - but won't advance from that moment on. What is preventing the computer from synching up to the internet clock? Thanks.

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What model is this and are you connected to the internet at all times?




Thank God someone can hear me! I'm in the vault of darkness with this!

OK. so - yes - I am continuously connected to the internet by cable. Right now the clock on the desktop reads - 8:48 AM - which is exactly the time it became this morning when I reset it to internet time. this illustrates the problem ((while the real time was about 7:50PM when I typed the words)). The clock on the desktop doesn't advance.

Now, you should know that I sort of inherited this abandoned lap top and it appears to have a false Windows Certificate. But almost everything seems to work fine; playing downloded music, YouTube, I use the Open Office word processor app - so that OTHER than the time deal, everything's fine.

Toshiba - Satellite L-305 . . .. . .Model # PSLB8U . . . . . . is what the sticker says.

What does all this mean?




Do what jayeff said


I did and it worked! Thanks for your efforts!


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Does the laptop's 'clock' advance if you change the time setting so that it does not synchronize with the internet time i.e keeps its' own time?

Check that the Windows Time service is set to Automatic and that it has started.

Type services.msc in the Windows search box, (then select services.msc). When the Services window opens scroll down to find the Windows Time entry. Verify that its' Startup Status is set to Automatic and that its' Status is Started.

If this is not the case, right click on the Windows Time entry and select Properties. Change the Startup Type to Automatic and Start the service in Service Status then click Apply

Update (04/28/2017)



I think that you have a flat (no pun intended) CMOS/RTC battery in the laptop. This is usually a coin cell type battery (non-rechargeable) that maintains the BIOS settings and the clock settings when the laptop is turned off. They usually have a life span of 5-7 years.

Here is a link to a video which shows how to dis-assemble the laptop. At 6.21 minutes into the video the battery is visible (I think - I don't know your particular laptop but it looks like a coin cell battery to me, I've indicated it in this image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

The coin cell battery type is stamped on the battery itself and usually is a commonly available type. Also ensure that you put the new one back in the correct way. Take a picture of the old one in situ before you take it out as a reference.

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By Jove I think you got it! I did what you said - I think - and now the clock is advancing (where before when reset it just stayed on the last re-set. I do so appreciate your taking the time to help me with this. This sort of successful communication makes me believe that YES! humanity WILL colonize the stars!

: )


Jayeff , Old buddy old pal, This service prompts me to reward you with 30 points for your genius answer but I don't know how to do this. Do you? You earned it!


Well . . . the clock stopped again. It's still set to automatic in the guts of the machine. I'll bet this is the complication; this inherited Toshiba/Satellite has a fake Windows certificate. There is an option to using Windows Time setting called' command line' but this will require a mess of reading I can't do right now. Know anything about this? Thanks, : )



Does the clock run when the laptop is on and only stop when you have shut it down and then restarted it and noticed that the time is wrong?


Yes the clock runs only when the laptop is on - and I have reset the time to synch with - time.nist.gov - (one choice out of five) I just put the 'puter to sleep and the clock was off when I woke it back up.


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