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What's going on with this little modest TV?

This LG 32LB550B TV had had failures since forever. Neither of its two HDMI ports worked from the beginning, so I had to use its component cables inputs to play videogames. I was okay with that since I don't play videogames regularly anymore, but, all of a sudden, a magenta/pink decoloration appeared that covers like 3/4 of the screen (it is more prominent when dark colors are displayed and is almost undistinguishable when bright and clear colors are present.) I know for sure it's time to get a new TV, but I still feel irritated becouse I don't know why is this happening. When I plug a composite cable in the same spot (it's one of those TVs that uses the same port for composite cable and the green cable of the component ones) it looks normally, without decoloration and the same goes when watching TV programs. I just want to know why this TV likes to mocking me on porpuse.

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One of the colour signals on the component input is faulty. It most probably is the Blue (Pb) signal as the Red seems to be working (you say magenta/pink decolouration ) and the Green uses the same connection (up to a point) as the video signal from a composite cable.

Have you proved whether the fault is in the TV, the component cable or the signal source (video game)?

Try using the known working composite cable as a component cable (as you know that it works as a cable - you have video and sound so all three wires and connectors are good)- i.e. red/white/yellow into the appropriate Y/Pb/Pr at both the source and the TV so that they match. Y to Y, Pb to Pb and Pr to Pr. You won't have sound unless you connect an audio cable to the audio inputs,(remember to select component input)

If the picture is now OK then the original component cable is the problem

If the picture is still faulty and as you know that the composite cable is OK, you still have to prove whether the problem is in the video game component output or the TV.

Can you connect the component output from the signal source (video game)to another TV (or monitor) which has a component input?

If it works OK then there is a problem with the component signal section of the TV inputs. The TV will have to be opened and the fault diagnosed to find where and what the problem is.

If it still doesn't work then the problem is in the video game which will have to be opened and the fault diagnosed to find where and what the problem is..

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I totally forgot to mention that I've already tested my cables and consoles in other TVs in my house. Problem is this TV with no doubt. Nevertheless, is relieving to know what could be the problem. I apreciate your answer. Thanks.


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