Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Why won't my iPhone 6 turn on after battery replacement

Recently my iPhone has been dying super fast, I called apple to ask why and they said I needed a battery replacement. I decide to do it myself but I had a tough time getting it out due to it being glued so tight. I do not remember or believe I damaged the lcd cables because I completely disconnected the front screen when I replaced the battery. However when I put the new battery in it does kinda slide around if I touch it because I didn't put any new glue or tape where the battery is. Now my battery is in but my phone wont turn on. I tried holding the power and home button and waiting for the apple logo but it wont show I also do not get any vibrations when I get a notification. I ordered a new lcd digitizer so I can replace it because I have done this myself before but should it work? is this a lcd problem or a battery problem?

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my iPhone was dying vey fast, so i looked it up to see what the problem was. I then ordered my battery replacement kit. It was quite easy to replace everything until i had to reattach the actual screen. Not to mention the kit did not come with any directions whatsoever, I had to find a video online. I then snapped the screen back on and BOOM!!! my whole screen shattered. I didn't freak out knowing I would get it fixed (which is such a waste of money considering I just paid to fix my battery). Anyways, following what a card from the kit had said, I was suppose to drain the battery below 10% and them charge it to 100%. i then tried powering my phone back on and... nothing, It didn't turn one. So I plugged my phone in, (this is the weird part) my phone is repeatedly showing the apple sign for a split second and then turing right back off :( in other words, I do not recommend this product, I'm wishing i just took the time to get it fixed


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There are a few possibilities here.

  1. You could have a bad replacement battery
  2. You could have a defective charging circuit
  3. You may have damaged the screen assembly when removing it
  4. You may have damaged your logic board

Where did you order your battery? There are a lot of poor quality batteries out there. Can you check the voltage on your replacement battery with a multimeter? Compare it to your old one. You should have around 3.8V.

iPhones can develop charging circuit problems when people use non MFi-certified chargers, especially car chargers. The protection circuitry is actually in the charger and not the phone. That is why a cheap charger can damage your phone.

Check your screen assembly flexes and connectors. They are very delicate and can tear or break easily. You also have to insure that the connectors are seating correctly. The pitch between the connections is very small and if you misalign the connector, it can either short pins or damage the connector. Use a magnifying glass or jeweler's loupe to inspect.

Also check the connectors that are on the logic board (screen and battery). They are just as vulnerable to damage. However, there are also many tiny components around these connectors and they can easily be damaged or pried off with even just one false movement. You wouldn't even feel it.

Ideally, you need to eliminate variables. If you can, use a known-good battery or screen or try yours in a working phone (just don't damage the other phone!). Follow these steps and come back to let us know what you found.

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Shake your device real fast holding down the home button and power button at the same time.

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I thought this was definitely not going to work... but it did? Thank you!


i changed the battery turned on the iphone it had 2% after it shut off , i do the steps see the apple but the phone doesnt turn on , and doesnt show apple any more: do i need to take it repaired again


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you should probably check and see if the cables are connected or damaged. If not, take it out and try to use the battery on something else and see if the problem is the battery. If not, contact apple customer support.

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