Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Signal searching, sim reader

Hey I was given my girlfriends old iPhone 6, I like to fix things, phone is all smashed and bent but worked fine so I ordered a new housing for the phone, after years of not skipping a beat and buying the new housing it has started searching for signal constantly now, at first I could get signal putting pressure on the sim reader, than it got worst, so I decided some paper on top of the SIM card and insert it would work, it worked for a day, so I stuffed some thicker paper in there and now I can not get it to go at all, all contacts look fine, is there any way I can swap the whole sim reader?, there seems to be no write up about it, I am determined to have this phone running and looking brand new, help me please

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I am not certain the SIM reader is the problem here. Your reception problems coincide with the housing change so you most likely have either a poor quality housing (they are part of the antenna in fact) or you missed a step on the rebuild. There are some small washers and doodads that have to be there and in the correct order and configuration. I would go through all of the necessary guides (start here) and go through the steps very carefully. Everything has to be properly connected between them to insure the antenna is just right.

That said, if you do feel the need to replace the SIM reader...don't!

It is not the most technically challenging micro-soldering repair on the iPhone but unless you have decent tools or experience doing hot air rework, you will likely cause more damage than you will repair. The component density on modern smart devices is unreal. Applying too much heat to remove one component can cause devastating damage throughout the logic board. The SIM reader is right next to the CPU and directly over the NAND. The logic board is very thin yet has ~10 layers.

If you really wanted to because you think your ready...don't!

Practice on old dead phones first. They are easy to come by.

If you regularly work on devices as small as 0201 or even 01005 and can handle removing small BGA or QFN packages, then give it a whirl. Otherwise, there are shops out there that specialize in this kind of repair.

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I ordered the housing, it is not on yet, issue started arising a day before i spent the money on all the other bits for it, there is a guy on ebay that can do them for $50, i think i have spent enough money on an old broken phone, i will through one last $50 at the phone and hope for the best.

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