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Replaced LED Display Board Display won't turn off

I posted a few weeks ago about my screen flickering - was told it was the LED Display Driver Board that needed replacing - so I did - I bought 2 just in case, and the first one, no change, second one, same, no change either.

However, now the display won't turn off - ever. The computer boots up, very white screen, then goes to the gray screen and all is normal. Except - to shut down, it acts normally but then goes from black to white as the hard drive shuts down but the display stays on - all white again.

It only turns off when the battery is removed.

I have done resets (hold the power button 10 secs, remove battery etc.), restarted with the PR, Opt, Comm Keys, etc. etc., nothing seems to work.

Again - I still have the same issues with shadows so I know the LED display driver board is not working properly, I will replace it with the original one today and contact the people I bought the new ones from - but the display itself will not shut off unless the battery is removed.

If I put the computer in Sleep mode, it turns black for a split second, then flashes back to white again.

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*update* I spoke to a fellow at the place I bought the replacement board and he said he thought it was the LED Display itself which is bad - but he also said he was clueless as to why it wouldn't shut itself off unless the battery was pulled. Maybe it's because that also kills the power completely?

Anyone here have any clues as to what's going on? or if I actually need to replace the Display? which I assume is just the technical term for a new screen?


what does it take to get someone to respond??? anyone?? HELP PLEASE!!!


Sorry guy some of us have real lives and we often live in a different time zone than you ;-}


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finally got around to replacing the panel screen display today. I had also purchased another data cable just in case - but then when I got to the point where the LED driver board was to be disconnected - I compared it to the original and saw that they were different!!

I was going to put my original back in there, thinking maybe this is why the display would not turn off unless the battery was removed and the power cord disconnected - but I never imagined the wrong LED driver board had been sent to me. I did not compare them the first time around, when I replaced it (after someone here on iFixit saying the problems with my screen were caused by a faulty LED board, not the screen itself.)

SO - original LED driver board put back in. Since I had asked so many people and the entire Internet why my display would not turn off, and no one had seen this before - I correctly surmised that replacing the LED board with the original one would take care of that problem, so I did not replace the data cable.

I did replace the panel screen, as intended, and the new one works like a charm - wow - so beautiful and clear, no dark shadows, and is as bright as the sun after a rain storm.

The only comment is on getting that little magnet back in the right place - that could use a better edit on the manual - are we allowed to do that? let me know iFixit and I'll take care of it -


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OK, this does not sound good here ;-{

From the sounds of it your GPU and/or Controller chip is now failing again.

Here's someone else which is facing a similar problem which I explained fully the history of the GPU problem: Weird. Sometimes get horizontal lines at boot, sometimes no..

In this case if you got the extended warranty repair done you should have the second rev chip. Here the solder between the chip and the logic board is failing. Looking at this image: Logic board we can see the three chips with solder paste. Two of these chips were made by Nvidia: the GPU and the system controller. Both had issues with solder breakdown.

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honestly - I appreciate the answer but don't see this as the problem. I actually had the original chip replaced, as stated, it was the Nvidia and the problems I had then were quite pronounced with the screen.

This is something entirely different - the display won't turn off - ever - unless there's no power, zilch. The screen has the shadows, yes, which I imagine is the LCD panel, but why is it not turning off? I can do into sleep mode, it goes black, then 2 secs later comes up completely white. A tap on the space bar brings it to black again and the prompt comes up for my password. The same thing happens at shut down - and fyi, I ran the log on terminal and it says both shutdown and sleep are Success.

but then the display stays on. what gives?


Yes, I understand the system won't shutdown. That was the point: 'Both had issues with solder breakdown.'

Your display won't effect the shutdown as it's no different than an external monitor. Here the controller logic is not processing the shutdown action so the display is still powered (LED backlight). This is the Tin whiskers making and breaking contact underneath the chip with the surrounding contacts.

Sadly, the answer I had given you before was not the root issue here as you stated you replaced it with two different LED driver boards. So either you are very unlucky to get two defective bds.

Or, there is something more going on here... Which sadly is the main logic board. If I had known of the shutdown issue I would have aimed you differently.


Not sure I'm following you or that I even stated the problem correctly - let me try again to clarify.

The system boots up and shuts down, the screen is normal when booted up and running, like right now. Only issue is the shadow/lights at the bottom of the screen, which was the original problem.

I changed out not one but 2 display driver boards.

After that, the shadows did not change, still there only a new problem, now the display itself does not shut down when the computer shuts down. So the hard drive shuts down and boots up normally, but the display doesn't turn off when the computer turns off. Instead it's solid white.

I have to take the battery out to get it to go off. It still boots up and runs normal. Screensaver works fine also.

fyi, I posted pretty much the same comment but don't know what happened to it so if this comes up a second time, that's why.


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