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The Lenovo E330 ThinkPad Edge is a 13.3" stylish and durable laptop directed towards small-business.

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Computer won't turn on but is connected?

One day my laptop turned off, since I don't use it too often I thought it was cause it's dead so I plugged it in and went to work when I come back it's still dead I checked the charger and nothing was wrong the charger didn't seem to be broken I left it resting for a few days. Mind you this happened to me once before. But after a few days it still didn't turn on now I'm worried because it's been 2 weeks and nothing I'll leave it charging a whole day try and nothing

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My laptop was working fine and then it went flat and turned off I tried charging it for a few hours and it still won’t turn on I did the battery thing and still nothing can someone pls help idk what to do


Same problem here too


My Lenovo P.C. will not work. The light is on the hard drive but the screen is blank. It has done this before several times and I unplugged it and it worked. This time it will not. I can’t even get the input back on hdmi.


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Try the following,

Disconnect the charger then remove the battery from the laptop.

Press and hold the power button on the laptop for about 15 seconds then release the button.

Reconnect and switch on the charger (leave the battery out at this stage).

Start the laptop by pressing the Power button.

If the laptop starts, allow it to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

Then shutdown the laptop in the normal manner.

When the laptop has fully shutdown, switch off the charger and disconnect it from the laptop.

Re insert the battery into the laptop, reconnect and switch on the charger, then switch on the laptop.

Allow the laptop to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

When it has finished booting and the Windows desktop is displayed, check the charging state of the battery. If it is charging allow it to fully charge before switching off the charger and disconnecting it from the laptop

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I just bought my lenevo laptop last august and just now it suddenly shutdown while I am working. I immediately remove the charger. And now it wont turn on. When i press the power button its not showing anything on the screen and the light in the power button just keep on blinking for like 3-4 times. What do I need to do?


My laptop is charging but it won't turn on I pressed the power button on few second it won't turn on what can i do plzz give me a solution


I tried the procedure with the removal of the battery but it wouldn't come on again this morning when I pressed the on/off button. Went through the procedure again - but will this happen again tomorrow I ask? Would a new battery help?? Mine is only 87% used up.


I tried procedure on my Lenovo P1 and it worked. Thanks a lot.


My laptop died. After a few days, I try charging it and it neither comes on not charge. I tried using a different charger and it didn't work. please what can i do?


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Several Lenovo Notebook Models have experienced problems coming out of hibernation mode, or sleeping, suspend. An notebook that is influenced might be nice one day however wont power on another. Within this condition, the ability LED indicator lighting can perform nothing will blink three days or but the notebook remains idle with a blank screen. No more beeps, no BIOS post messages without any computer keyboard back light, no more nothing. Your notebook is a brick that is very pricey however, perhaps maybe not structure worthy.

Fix the Lenovo IdeaPad Can Not Affect On problem?

Of allowing me explain 1 item that not just the bodily first You can irritate. Yes, the issue may stay OS and applications too, that can mess up your time.

More over, that the"Lenovo IdeaPad Will Not Affect On" is among the very Problems faced by Lenovo users.

In certain instances, this mistake may allow you to idiot. As The simple truth is the matter is identical, although You will notice a blinking cursor in the boot screen of one's Lenovo Ideapad notebook. Yes, it doesn't boot.

The primary reason of Lenovo laptop won’t turn on is heating problem. We should think about is that also the bios and the bios upgrade. This happens because of not with a automatic retrieval of BIOS which shows that exactly the cursor or results in the notebook.

Nowadays many of You May Be considering that"is the dilemma only Remain in certain models?" , actually the solution isn't any. This dilemma might Arise which Lenovo offers having its laptops, such as Windows-10, Windows 8/8.1 along with Windows-7.

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is this robot gibberish? none of it makes any sense


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Removal of bottom cover - ThinkPad T470s :


Close laptop and turn over.

Loosen the screws 5 screws on bottom.

Lift cover off.

Removal of the built-in battery on the front


Remove two (2) screws.

Lift battery towards centre of laptop.

Removal of the built-in battery on the rear

Remove two (3) screws.

Lift battery towards centre of laptop.

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If ur laptop didn’t turn on even u plugged it(just a light blinking), the most common way is to disconnect the battery and DC from ur laptop then press & hold Power Button for 30 seconds. Reconnect the battery to ur laptop then turn it on. This is the common method to fix for a laptop that can’t turn on but just a light blinking. Thanks!

If it still persist, try to wreck it! Kidding

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