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My battery is 0%, plugged but not charging - Windows 7

Hi guys,

I need your help.

I am using HP Pavilion laptop and it has windows 7. It gives me error, battery plugged in but not charging.

I have tried to uninstall Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method and then tried to update the driver, but on no avail. It's not a hardware problem. Battery is new.

I can't remove charging pin because my battery is at 0%.

Need assistance.

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What model laptop do you have? Pavilion simply describes the line.


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Your battery needs 'some' charge in it before it gets detected and used by your laptop.

Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to remove and static energy and then connect the adapter and power on your laptop without the battery. Now when the laptop is running, insert the battery (don't worry, it's not dangerous). Now your battery will get detected and start charging.

Reason for this happening:

Your laptop adapter powers your laptop+charges a low power battery. Unless it detects the battery (which it doesn't when it's at 0%) it doesn't charge it.



I had a few people telling me that this solution didn't work for them and asking what else would be possible. I'd like to let you know that an old laptop battery of mine was having a similar problem for its 2nd replacement of a third-party battery (the original batteries are no longer in the market).

This solution did not seem to work for me as even after doing the above trick, it would "seem" to be charging but actually wouldn't.

Today, I took a different approach and kept using my laptop with a Linux OS (Kali Linux if anybody would like to know) The OS kept trying to estimate how much battery power was left and how long it would take to full charge. It couldn't detect as usual. After about an hour of usage, it could tell me that there was 1% of charge in the battery. This has not happened before and I decided to switch off the laptop and kept it plugged in to the power socket.

2 and a half hours later, it's at 85% now! I've never had the patience to try this solution as I never thought it would work. I'm using the laptop now to type out this answer without any power adapter plugged in and it's going smooth till now. It's now at 79%.

I'll continue to drain the battery till say 10% and charge it up to 100% for the next few days and hopefully, things should go back to normal :)

Please try this solution out when time permits. I nearly bought a 3rd battery again.

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Thankyou Sam! it is helpful.


Your solution worked. Thank you.


hi, I did as you said, at first it charged for 3 seconds! but suddenly it stopped charging as before. Then I did you recommendation again and it charged again for 3 seconds! and suddenly stopped charging. what should I do? (my battery was completely healthy before this respectively)


the solution is not working what should I do?


This solution doesn't always work. Like, if you have an old battery, you will definitely need to get a replacement (don't try opening it up and charging it manually as it's risky even if you're experienced). I have a 10 year old laptop that would work with the above method earlier, but since the past 5 years, needs a replacement.

Try getting a 3rd party battery that comes with a year warranty if the model is no longer available from the OEM.


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See if your battery is part of the recall program. You may get a free battery.


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Have you tried a Live CD for like Ubuntu or some other Linux Version. Try that to see if it charges the battery or not. If it doesn't you might have gotten a bad New battery, or worse your laptops charging circuits might be fried.

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