Boston Accoustics Micro 95pv Sub Woofer won't power up!

Tested 110v AC OK thru fuse and switch into power supply. Tested 10v DC out of power supply thru PC boards. Power LED not lit. Help!

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Hi, Does the power supply have any info on it? I know that it can vary depending on design etc but 10V DC seems on the low side. Are there any markings on the board to give an indication of the voltages, e.g. where the wires from the power supply connect to the board i.e. the various supply rails


Having same problem burning smell before it went out and now nothing


dburks2001 what have you checked thus far? Have you had a chance to checked the power supply etc.?


Power not coming on at all. I think I will take it to Bjorns and see if I can get an estimate on how it would be to repair or just look at replacing.


dburks2001- please let us know what you ( Bjorns) find on this!


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