Why does my amp turn off when I'm moving

Why does my amp turn off when I'm moving but turn back on when at a complete stop I have a 2006 Dodge Charger rt with a 1200 watt Sony xplod amp and two 12in mtx terminator subs with a pioneer stereo

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Hi, When you say a complete stop do you mean engine off or just idling? Maybe your alternator is not capable of running the car and the amp. Alternatively it might just be a loose connection that is affected when the car is moving.


No I mean when I stop at lets say a stop light but everything sounds great as long as I'm parked but as soon as I move the amp turns off


Hi, What else have you got turned on in the car? The unit has a high current drain - 48A. Again maybe your alternator is not capable of supplying it and the car. Does it happen if you apply the brakes (so that the brake lights are on) or turn on the headlights when stopped ?


Everything else works fine it's just the amp cut off while in motion


You said your amp is turning off. Is it the amp or the stereo? If it is the amp then it seems as though there is something loose. Can you tell if the unit is just losing power (does it have a power indicator light?) or whether the power is still showing but there is no audio?


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