Screen will not work.

Back story first. Water on laptop... New harddrive and motherboard. No screen didnt get wet. After complete tear down and temp reassembly to see if it works, i managed to get windows7 reinstalled. Loaded and updated all drivers. But had to have tv for screen via hdmi port. After making sure all drivers were ok I shut it down again and dove in..all wires coming from screen including wifi antenna seem in good nic.. And installed correctly.. Could i be missing somthing tiny?

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Just checking if it is a backlight problem

With the laptop on can you see the desktop icons etc on the laptop screen by shining a torch at an angle close to the screen? If so in most laptops the backlight is controlled by a magnetic lid switch. The switch could be in the lid or the body and the magnet obviously in the other position to the switch.


I will check... Thank you


Ok brother you nailed it.. How do i fix?


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Sorry I can't find a service manual for your laptop.

I assume that you tried pressing the "special" key on the laptop which turns the screen's backlight on and off. (see image - taken from the NV77H User guide - see link)

Block Image

Here are a couple of You Tube videos showing the dis-assembly of your laptop and the replacement of the screen. Hopefully they may be of some help.

Just a stupid guess on my part, but I'm wondering, since the backlighting can be controlled by pressing a key (see above image) then perhaps it is software controlled. It still needs to be aware of the lid position though. After looking at the videos and "Googling" the part for a closer view I'm thinking that the lid switch might be part of the Power Button board assembly. It is in the right position (back right corner of the laptop) The board seems to have more wires on it than just a couple needed for a 'press to start' function. Again this is just a very wild guess on my part.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Additional Information

Here is a bit more information I added to this great answer. Your logic board should be a Compal LA-6911. If you look at the board carefully you should see it silkscreened on it. Let us know if this is correct or if you have a different board. There are multiple variations. The schematic does not include a board layout, so you depend on the reference designators on the board itself. Not easy but possible.


Thanks jayeff for letting me add to it ;-)

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