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Wires need resoldered to the sensor.

Ok so i asked Activision. which they told me to just give them money and send in the foot pedal. this is really my last option so i decided to make an account here.

When i was moving my drums, the foot pedal was knocked of and stripped the wires right out. I then took it apart, and the sensor is ok. but i need to resolder the wires on.

The only problem is, i dont know which wire goes where. I have a red wire and a copper wire. then the sensor is a white circle, inside a copper circle.

My first thought was copper on copper, but i dont want to solder the wires and be wrong then have to buy a new $50 pedal. So does anyone know if its Red on White, or Red on Copper? And Copper on White, or Copper on Copper.

This will be great help, i have seen many videos but none with this small detail. so i cant figure it out. Thanks in advances

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Unfortunately, without actually seeing it this cannot be determined. It sounds like a simple actual fix, but you need to know some things,

  1. What are the wires actually being attached to? A controller board? Directly to a sensor?
  2. What are the wires coming from? A PCB? DIP connector?

You may get a lot more information to help you by opening up the rest of the kit to see where the wires are originating from. Usually the PCB has written on it what is corresponding to whats there (sometimes being so helpful as to have color codes for mass production of said product)

Hope this helps, let us know what you find. :)


What it looks like you have is a Piezo Bender being used as a switch and without seeing it I can't know for sure if its actually conducting a signal of some sort or just acting as a digital gate for the circuit. If its a gate, then how the wires are set up shouldn't matter. If its actually outputting a signal(which it shouldn't) then polarity will matter since it may give a weird reading that the electronics aren't designed to pick up. Using a Piezo Bender as a Switch I hope this helps you, because I have little experience with these things.

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It is all apart. And there is two solder points on the sensor. It is not a controller board, Its literally a Circular piece, with a copper colored outer edge and a white center. Here is the best picture i could find.

the places the wires came from, have no Silicon which i find strange because every place i have read said there should be. but there is two solder points on the white and copper places. I have tried getting these things off with a screw driver. But it looked like i was doing more damage than good. I hope this helps, There is literally nothing on the sensor, outside of the color circles.

Ill post the picture in another comment, it is to long in just one.


Side Note: Use proper equipment when soldering and desoldering (DONT USE A SCREWDRIVER TO PRY OFF SOLDER)


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Well i have heard that most people have fixed this problem with a cheap pair of headphone wires. Just go to the store and buy a 5 dollar pair and pull the wires out. So i am not sure if that means anything. I guess techincally i have a 50/50 chance of being right. So if im wrong i could just retry.

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Good luck, let us know if it works out.


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