The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Keyboard and trackpad don't work, loose cable?

My keyboard and trackpad have now completely stopped working. Before, they would work occasionally, and if it wasn't working I'd just reboot and kind of press on the bottom of the laptop and they would work, but that is no longer working.

The power key is the only one still responding, so I've been using a USB keyboard and mouse, but that isn't exactly practical to bring to classes.

My assumption is that it's a loose cable, as I was told by the Genius bar that the keyboard and trackpad are controlled by the same cable (they told me my laptop was scrapped and I needed to purchase a whole new about no?).

Does anyone have any ideas or advice? What does the cable for the trackpad/keyboard look like so I can open up the bottom and see if it's loose?


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Unless you have some liquid damage I suspect the battery has swelled pressing the keyboard & trackpad from below.

You could try testing this out by using an external keyboard & mouse/trackpad to verify things.

Given the age of the system you should go to an Apple Store to see if they can replace it under extended warranty program.

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Replace it? It = the battery?


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I had the exact same problem with the exact same mac (MacBook Pro Retina 13") and, after relying on USB mouse and keyboard, was able to fix it by replacing the trackpad flex cable ( as Reece said one should do).

This is the part I used:

It is a very easy task:

Take off back of computer

Note the ribbon on top of large battery pack in bottom center; this is the flex cable.

Unscrew metal piece covering connector on top end of ribbon, pop connector off.

Peel tape tab on connector on bottom end of ribbon, pull connector out.

Replace with new flex cable (it will be slightly long, so fold it at the edges a bit)

You're done!

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Here a helpful tutorial how to replace the cable...I followed it and I successfully replaced the defective cable it was my first time fixing a computer and it worked fine. This time DIY is definitively worth it.


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I have this same problem which surfaced just a bit over the 1-year warranty period. Keyboard and trackpad do not boot up and hence can't log in. Then all of a sudden, after a couple frustrating months of using a bluetooth keyboard and a USB mouse, everything started working again. That lasted 3 months. Then back to no keyboard and no trackpad. On a whim, I turned by Macbook over and gently but firmly pressed back and forth on the underside of the laptop in the proximity of the trackpad ... and now it works ... but I have to do this every time to get things working. I thought maybe the trackpad cable was loose, so I finally got ahold of a pentalobe screwdriver (impossible to find outside of the USA). I tried snugging up the cable which looked firmly seated at both ends. Alas the problem continues .... still rubbing the bottom of my expensive 2015 MacBook Pro just to get it to fire up correctly.

Perhaps massaging the laptop's underside flattens out any swelling in the battery ... or it nudges the trackpad cable into action ... whatever the heck is the culprit ... it certainly is a faulty design issue.

Anybody know how I can fix this permanently on my own?

:) Frank

Early 2015 MacBook Pro (A1502)

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Replace the trackpad cable, this goes bad on the 2015 models and causes both the trackpad and keyboard to stop working. £10 part and guarantee it will fix your issue


Thanks for the feedback.


where do I find the replacement cable?


Did this fix the issue? Changing the cable?


@kangyaruu Just search for "A1502 trackpad cable" and you should get it


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This worked perfectly for me. New cable part is 821-00184-A. €11 on eBay. Video instructions are perfect, but pay careful attention to flip connector removal. Unlike in video, the new cable had it's own self-adhesive strip which is identifiable on eBay images by blue tabs that are the peel-off adhesive strip covering. There was no obvious problem with connectors at either end of old cable so no idea what problem is with cable.

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