Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM- G870A released June 2014. Repair for this device is extensive and requires the phone tool kit and heat gun.

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I'm not getting any network 3G, 4G, or LTE SETTINGS at all

I lost network connections completely! Signal was getting worse and worse and I called CRICKET AGAIN! By this time I was not only dropping calls left and right but my text messages weren't going thru at all! The tech at cricket informed me that he was going to send my phone a signal so I needed to turn it off and remove BATTERY. Wait 2 minutes reinstall battery and power on phone. THAT'S ALL IT TOOK! They baked my new cell phone!

Is this all just playing out more drastically in my head or is my phone A BRICK? It's. STOCK NG3. Running 4.4.2 stock unmodified kernel and ROM. I still have to ROOT as well. I'm thinking I'm supposed to follow. SAFESTRAP by Chainfire! However I could ODEN as well but I've recently found out that I need Chainfire's other App.... Flashfire...

This whole signal GONE thing, do you think they actually did fry my S5?

Please advise

Thanks in advance

What are the possibilities that when I do ROOT, Will the new ROM. have the new settings for the signal antennas. I still have the WI-FI part in tact but I have absolutely NO WI-FI signals anywhere near where I live.

Can I flash a ZIP with the RADIO INFO? or will this require it to have some serious surgery? I know the bootloader that came STOCK on it is LOCKED. Hence the requirement for safest! Then I read something where you use both FLASHFIRE and ODIN as well as NGFLASHER. I'm so confused now it's not funny. LOL!

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I haven't even begun to think about getting it rooted yet but if something tells me that it's the only thing that's going to get that radio back on there. There wasn't any problems with it and outta the blue reception issues and I have an AT&T cell tower that I can see from my back yard! It hasn't been dropped or in any danger otherwise. I called CRICKET daily trying desperately to get answers and nothing! The tech sent that signal and that's all she wrote! Where my 3G, 4G, and LTE once was is a big fat "O" with a line thru it. I've downloaded OPENSOURCE and jockied it to my S5 via Bluetooth in an APK. And is pulling a whopping -118dBm.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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Calm down and think about it. If your phone had no power how would any signal sent by the phone company do anything to your 'particular' phone and not all the others connected to Cricket around you? You're talking about 'rooting' your phone. I thought you said it was 'bricked'?

Have you tried a factory reset? If that works to get your phone powered on, have you tried another known working SIM in your phone? Have you tried your SIM in another phone to see if it works?

If your phone is new and it still won't work, check your manufacturer's warranty and get a replacement if it has failed

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Hi, Did you try a different SIM at all to see if there is signal- you haven't said? Have you tried a hard (factory) reset -you haven't said? Back it up first. Then after the reset try it. If it is still no good and it is still under warranty as you have said that it is new, get it replaced.

Also, FYI, -118dBm is what is known as 'down in the mud' as far as signal levels are concerned. It is a -ve (negative) reading therefore the lower the value the stronger the signal. i.e -115dBm is actually 2x stronger than -118dBm (3db (because dB is determined logrhythmically) is actually either twice the power or half the power depending in which direction you look at it -115dB is 2x the power of -118dB or -118dB is half the power of -115dB.

For good or effective connections you should be aiming to get a signal level of between -85 to -100 dBm


Yes I went and got another SIM card for it to no avail. I haven't attempted a hard reset, simply because I don't know how to. Would it be possible to guide me thru it please? I did however do a factory reset inserted the brand new SIM and it's still in the same state. The big O with a diagonal line thru it.

Please advise


Hi, A factory reset is also known as a 'hard reset'.

You have performed a factory (hard) reset, replaced the SIM card and you still have no service I suggest that as you state that it is a new phone, you check the warranty period on your phone and if it is still valid follow what is stated in the warranty information as what you have to do to make a warranty claim for repair or replacement of your phone.

This link may be of some help.


Do you still have an IMEI and Serial Number and baseband version on your phone? You can check this via the settings > about phone.


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