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Liquid damage to logic board, no video


I went toe Apple Store because my MacBook Pro retina had no video, and I had heard that they recalled similar models. So I went to see its eye would replace mine, they told me that I had liquid damage to my MacBook. I recall no spills, so it had to have been placed on something wet and leaked through the vents at the display. Which would explain why I have a red indicator and my display isn't working. I took the back off to assess any corrosion. I had to do it wuickly because my two year old thought she was helping. She wasn't. All I noticed was it was EXTREMLY dusty, and there was something sticky and when I wiped the dust away it showed a small stream of liquid on the backing.

Anyway, tonight I plan on disassembling it and cleaning the board to prevent further damage.

Here's the problem: I have no video, failed flashlight test. Battery "needs to be checked soon. All other major components are working perfectly and the external display works too.

I just want to know if I possibly find corrosion to the display connector, and I clean it. Will my display work again? And if it doesn't what first her steps should I take to make my display work again? I would prefer to shell out as little money as possible. I'm also not super experienced in repairing electronics, but I can follow directions well.

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Hard to tell from so little to work from here.

First you want to use a can of can'ed air and a soft paint brush to clean out the dust as best as you can. Focus on the heat sink fins & the fans. The areas that are sticky you'll want to use distilled water, not tap or spring water!

Clean the sticky stuff after you have fully disassembled the system. Use cotton swabs (Q-Tips) and if needed a toothbrush. Just be careful you don't snag any of the small components as they are very easy to pull off. Use the toothbrush for any stubborn areas.

I often use a loadable spray can which I fill with distilled water to wash the larger areas. Then once done I go over the areas again with high grade isopropyl alcohol (85% or better). The alcohol will clean off any oils and will act as a dryer for the water that seeped under things. Even still I leave the parts sitting on a sunny warm window sill for a good day before I reassemble things.

If your keyboard got hit, you may find replacing it will be easier than trying to clean it.

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@brittanygough15 - Any news?


I have the same problem with no video display. It works on an external display and everything else works fine. There was some carbon build up on the led screen connector and wetness detector was red on the board. I cleaned as mentioned above and still no luck. I replaced the screen assembly and same thing. I tried reset procedures and adjusting screen brightness and checked with flashlight... Nothing. Figuring with the carbon before and the detector being red, I ordered a new logic board. After replacing it, still with a new screen, I get the same exact result..... No display. What else can I test? What else could it possibly be? I've already invested the cost of half a brand new Mac.


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