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MacBook Pro won't start after water damage

Wife spilled water on keyboard, and computer won't re-start. Took it to Apple store, they were zero help, just told us it probably needs to be replaced. Let it dry out for two weeks. Now, the power adapter shows green, like it's charging (charged), but it just won't start. No beeps, no temporary blips, nothing. I know the hard drive is fine because I removed it and was able to access it. I've tried resetting the SMC. Nothing. Tried jumping the power pads. Nothing. Tried it with and without keyboard cable connected.

I guess this means the logic board is fried? But I wish there was some sequential troubleshooting guide I could follow to locate the specific problem before I spend money guessing. All the info I find suggests there is some indication (e.g. - 3 beeps = RAM, etc.), but in my case, absolutely nothing happens.

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Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about this.

It is possible that the DC-In board is working normally which gives you the green indicator light; but the logic board may have electric damage from the water being introduced.

This would render the device useless, sadly.

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My son spilled a full cup of water on my MacBook Pro-( I am not a Mac certified technician) I learned something a few years ago with iPhones that had worked every time I or one of my kids had dropped our phones in system admin( old school tech guy) threw a coworkers phone in a bowl with rubbing alcohol after she'd dropped it in the toilet. He then blew in out with compressed air and it worked. I've used the trick 3 times personally and it always worked. When my son spilled water in my Mac I poured alcohol into the vents and let it run threw. Next I took the screws out of the bottom disconnected the battery and tore it down all the way to the trackpad. I did have to replace my keyboard ( I had 2 keys that kept repeating) then I looked for water damage. Can be greenish or white discoloration around the solder. I found two capacitors that looked damaged so I tested them with a volt meter. 1 good one bad-I found a match on my old mac book-stole it from that and soldered it on my board. I had a damaged trace on the little board that the battery was connected to..I scratched it off with a little razor knife until I could see a little bit of shiny on each end and took a little piece of wire and soldered it down to complete the connection. Works perfectly :)

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