Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Won't connect to pc or show that it's charging after changing housing

So i bought a new back housing for my Iphone 3g 8gb. While i was in there i read an article about making the home button more responsive by bending them up a bit, big mistake lol. I broke one of them off!!! Well I rigged a connector from an old battery and the home button works fine (I have a new home button assembly on the way tho).

Now when I plug it in to the computer I get no response and the iphone doesnt show that its charging. It is getting some juice tho but it doesnt seem to be charging as quickly. I plugged in an old ipod fm transmitter I have to see what happends and the iphone recognizes it so the dock port isnt dead. I have tried different cords and comps. I have double, triple checked everything inside, including connector 4 wich is secured completly. I just wanted some input before i buy a new dock because i've read some articles where it didnt help.

Oh and tried dfu mode, recovery mode, cannot get any response from pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Ok Polly I'll give all that a try when I get home. Also wanted to add that I left phone on wall charger all night and it got a full charge so maybe I did damage something on the dock connector?


Ok I tried everything you suggested Polly. I checked/cleaned everything. I cant see and thing that is broken or bent or anything. The battery went dead and showed the empty battery symbol indicating that it needed to be charged. When i plug it in the symbol changes to show its pluged in. So the data connector isnt dead it just doesnt do what its suppose to. Anymore suggestions?


Well i've ordered a new dock connector so i guess i'll let you all know what happends when i get it. Any suggestions untill then are welcome though! Thanks again!


added a new charging dock and it still doesnt work!!! just put it in, double triple checked everything and still got the same thing. Again it will chagre (least i hope so afetr changing that) but doesnt show that its charging, and pc doesnt reconise it at all. I'm super careful when i change this stuff but could i have damaged the logic board? Please any help or suggestions at all would be fantastic!!!!! Thanks Again!!!


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try reseating connectors 1,2,3, sometimes they feel like they're in but they're not and iphone won't connect without lcd working properly..

otherwise i'd check out your battery connection.

also check dock connector is seated right in the housing. if there's no response in itunes it may well be you damaged the dock connector when you installed it. check out connector 4 (again) and on the motherboard to make sure that theres no fluff etc or bent pins.

could try a @^*# good clean with isopropyl alcohol?

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I'm having the same problem... any solutions?!

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It seems you have broken a SMD element near Connector4!

Solution here:

No USB Connection after I broke little SMD element near connector #4!

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