No power, dim green MagSafe LED

I went out for the day leaving my MacBook plugged in at home. Enter Thunderstorm and Power Surge. I got back, the display was black and the fan was running full speed. A lot of heat. Freaked out and immediately unplugged it and removed the battery. When plugged back in, the MagSafe indicator LED was dead. Turns out the whole adapter was fried.

The MacBook did not turn on with a new adaptor, all I get is dim green indicator light. If switched from one MacBook to another, I "get the light," so to speak, of whatever was last indicated. No matter what, it eventually gets down to a dim green. (I understand this symptom is not uncommon.)

I tried with and without the battery. Tried SMC reset. I replaced the DC-in board, still no luck. Eventually threw up arms and baked the logic board, hearing that it worked for a friend (180 ºC for 7 minutes and new thermal paste). No change.

The region of the logic board nearest to the DC-in board gets warm when plugged in. And I guess, back when it first got the power surge, it was running off battery power, since the adaptor was dead. Those are giving me some hope, in that perhaps there's a resistance or fuse that's shot, and all I would need to do is replace it. I can't imagine replacing the battery would make a difference?

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