Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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New LCD not working. Tried 2. Can see Apple logo.

Hi All, I have replaced many iPhone 6 models with ease. This time I replaced the screen. The customer called me the next day and said her speaker (earpiece) and camera weren't working. Everything WAS working when I gave it to her. I figured it was the gold contacts.

I took the phone apart. Cleaned the sensors with rubbing alcohol. Put it back together. Powered it up. Speaker still didn't work. Proximity sensor DID work. Camera didn't work. Touchscreen DID work.

The phone started to get hot on the top so I shut it down.

I put another screen on and when I power it up I see a faint apple logo and faint number pad to enter the 4-digit code. I can hold down the power button and see the slider to power it off, but can not slide it with my finger. This happens when I switch back to the first replacement screen also.

Did my muck this thing up?!?!? I see people talk about a screw damage problem, but I did not get the screws mixed up. Even so, what is the solution when their is damage from a screw?

  • I did a soft reset
    • I disconnected the battery and reconnected
    • It does get recognized by iCloud when I plug it in to a computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated and if you would like to respond with a partial answer and your contact information for me to send it to you, go ahead and F&$k right off!


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I had this happen to me once. It was the actual logic board connector. If you put under a microscope, you should see whats causing it. Did you disconnect the battery while doing the repair? Especially during connecting the connectors.


I did not disconnect the battery during repair. I have looked closely at the connectors on the board through a magnifier and I see nothing unusual. Did I possibly fry something because of not disconnecting the battery? Is this something I can fix with a replacement part?

Thanks for the quick reply!


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It is very possible that is what happened. It is very important to disconnect the battery. I even go the extra mile, by holding the power button down, while battery is disconnected, to drain capacitors.

This is a long shot, but disconnect battery, and try a 3rd screen(if you have one).

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I don't have a third one right now. When you say "very possible this is what happened." Are you talking about the logic board being fried? I'm confused as to why I can still see that the screen turns on but is faint and the phone vibrates. I see it is pretty expensive on here to purchase a new logic board, but if that is my only option then that is what I will have to do. Any other advice from the community?!? Thanks!


Yes, from a logic board issue. There could be so many issues, as to why its faint. Possibly something with the backlight filter, etc.


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