Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Why is my iPhone not turning on? Changed lcd/display now not working!

Hi! I bought a iphone 32gb 3gs on ebay that had a cracked lcd and glass. I replaced both with another lcd/display unit (all I had to do was detach the three cables and put the other ones back on). I attached the cables and popped it back into place but now its not turning on at all! I put the broken digitizer/glass/lcd unit in another iphone and it still worked. I also put the replacement in the other iphone 3gs and that worked as well so I know that both digitizer/glass/lcd units work (even though one has a cracked lcd and glass).

Looked in the headphone jack and it shows water damage (red/pinkish strip/indicator). Imagine that. I just don't understand how it was working perfectly/fine before and simply swapping the display unit out would make it stop working though.

Any suggestions? Already tried removing the logic board and reattached it btw.

I tried charging it with the standard wall/usb cord unit for a few hours and when I came back the phone was really warm. I've charged the other 3gs many time through my computer so I'm not sure if that's a sign of a bad battery maybe?


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I don't know who you people are. Who the he11 deleted other's questions on this thread and our responses? Someone just asked a question a day ago and I took the time to respond, now those have been deleted as well as another questions I and others responded to a couple years ago. What is this, trying to get more upvotes rather than leaving info up/posted that could help others? Screw whoever moderated this thread.


Jeff, I can understand your frustration..often the person attaching a question will get little or no response if they tag the question of their own onto an old question. As moderators we can change a comment to a new question. You may find that your helpful answer is still with the question asked its just that it is now a topic all of its own. This ensures that each person gets a unique and tailored response. I hope you don't think we are all about chasing the points..none of us here get any payment whatsoever for helping others out.


Changed lcd/display now not working this is the new question and your response.. We just moved it so Mohammed would get his problem noticed x


@Jeff, "Who the he11 deleted other's questions on this thread and our responses?", that would be me. The original question is over 3 years old. If people would asked their own question instead of adding it to old ones, then we would not have to do that. So, "Screw whoever moderated this thread.", lets not......


I'm holding my breath waiting for an apology...although if you're waiting for Jeff's indecent proposal I think we'll both be disappointed.


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look at cable 4 for the dock connector,check its seated properly and has no damage corrosion. clean where dock connects. check the battery and connectors for same. if it is water damage maybe the battery has shorted. i'd try swapping your motherboards to working iphone- if you get power then you know problem is either dock connector or battery. in which case try swapping them with the ones you know work. then order appropriate parts.

if however your motherboard doesn't work in the working iphone you will need to clean it thoroughly to get rid of greenish white bits that you see-use isopropyl alcohol 90%.leave to dry and try again.

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Try the Following:

Fully assembled iphone connect to computer with itunes open.

This will do two things. If phone is off it will power it to on status and itunes will /should detect it or the alternative itunes sees it straight away as it is on. Depending on phone charge this could take 15 mins.

If nothing is seen in itunes after 15 mins then i would have a look at the small clip that attaches the dock connector

Block Image

The connector near the Numonyx chip. Gently reseat the clip. I find that this clip has a tendency to spring off a little so i use a lollipop stick to apply pressure across the whole connector simultaneously.

Re assemble phone and retest with PC/iTunes combo.

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