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My iPod wont charge...help!

I accidentally let the ipod die and didn't charge it for a long time and now when I plug it in, the "charging" symbol pops up (the dead battery with a lightning bolt under it) but no matter how long i leave it plugged in for, it doesn't charge the battery. I have tried different cords, plugged into an outlet and my computer and nothing has helped. It doesn't show up on my computer at all. There doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the charging slot. I have also tried holding the top and home button down but that doesn't do anything either :[ The warranty is expired...

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It could be dead friend, but just a few questions

When you said u tried a different cord, did you also try a different charging block?

Did you try multiple USB ports on your PC and still get no change?

Has this iPod been heavily used, meaning dropped multiple times, maybe slight water spill on it, anything like that?

When you say you accidentally let it die on you, what did you mean, is this a problem you have had before and knew not to let it die? Because I have and iPhone and iPod and both of them die on me daily with no issues at all bringing them back so that's why I'm leaning toward bad battery or something else not apparent or conveyed to us in this question

I think the best guess would be either the cord, the block, or the battery in the iPod are bad, the PC wont detect it because it is not actually on to communicate with the PC, and it is not uncommon for a machine to not turn on because of one bad part being connected to the board, so if you have tested different cord, different block, and all USB ports, then the only thing left I can think of trying is a new battery for it

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I never had any issues with it dying previously, but got an iphone and no longer used the ipod which is why it was dead for so long...and I did drop in once and the screen cracked... :[


Ah ok that makes sense, well then I would say if you would like to try the last thing to test would be the battery, get you a new one and throw it in there and see what it does, you might even if you want try to open it and remove the battery, then put it on the charger and see if it will boot then without the battery, some people might not suggest doing that but it will let you know before ordering a battery if that was the issue or not cause it very well might be your charger port had gone bad or something else


My ipod wont charge egg yolk acccidentally got into the charging port. When I plug it on to charge it chatges for so long then the battery with the lightening volt appears. I havent used it in over a year. I assumed it dried out somewhat bc before it wouldnt come on and show my icons but now it does can anyone help


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