96 Chevy 1500C, 6 Cyl. 4.3L, 5 speed, RWD Transmission

Hi, the tranny (NV3500) went out in my 96 Chevy 1500. It's a 6 Cyl 4.3L engine, a manual 5 speed with RWD.

I have not been able to locate a replacement NV3500 for the last 2 months. The only one I have heard of locally was priced at $1150. I found a rebuilt one for $950 (plus S&H). This is simply out of the question in regards to my budget.

My question is actually two questions.

1) In which other vehicles can I find an NV3500 that will work in my vehicle? Please be specific e.g. do I need to be concerned with using a NV3500 from a Chevy only or may I use one from a Dodge Ram (for example)? etc

2) If this first option does not work I need to know what transmissions I could swap out with the NV3500 and specifically what all it would entail. I am not opposed to altering the vehicle...whatever I might be able to do to get this somewhat close to my price range. i.e. converting it to an automatic, etc.

I have been researching this, but knowing so little about this subject, it has been quite difficult to decipher some of the information.

Thankyou for information you may provide!


Mary D

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Mary Dominguez, exactly what do you mean when you say the transmission went out? what does it, or does it not, do? GM and Dodge transmissions will not interchange.

The case and bellhousing are one piece with differing, engine specific, bellhousing bolt patterns.

Dodge uses Dodge specific input shaft length, spline count, and pilot diameter.

Dodge output spline count differs from the GM units.


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